British Heart Foundation Diet

The famous British heart foundation diet wasn’t fashioned or endorsed by the British Heart Foundation. It has actually evolved from a variety of sources, including osmosis. It is a unique diet designed to promote weight loss and is considered important due to its special structure and the impact it induces on the body. Though the precise origins of the British heart foundation diet remain vague till date, its objective is to make you lose about ten pounds easily in three days. Let us find out more about the British foundation diet.

Claimed British Heart Foundation Diet Benefits

As per the claims of the British heart foundation diet, all dieters following this regimen will lose ten pounds within three days. According to most experts, weight loss occurring this fast is mainly due to the loss of water weight and the lost water weight will quickly return to the dieter’s body as soon as they begin eating normally. However, its probable positive outcome is that the dieters realize the significance of losing weight and become motivated to burn the extra fat in their bodies via more harmonious and balanced weight loss approaches. Nonetheless, this psychological advantage remains half-done in case the dieter quickly regains the lost weight after completing the British heart foundation diet.

This popular diet, also known as the Greenland Diet or the Birmingham Cardiac Diet is basically a short term weight loss regimen that radically restricts your calorie intake. Following the diet, you are permitted to eat only three meals that amount up to around 1200 calories/ day. Various dieters on the online forums have claimed to lose a staggering 40 pounds within a month by practicing this diet plan. However, due to its incredibly fast results, this plan is often seen with criticism and skepticism.

What to Eat in British Heart Foundation Diet

This fad diet follows a simple principle: the calories you consume must always be quite less compared to the calories you burn via exercises. You should not consume many small meals during the course of the day. Instead, you need to just eat three tiny meals that are low in calories within one day.

To make this regimen exclusive, foods such as ice-creams and hot dogs are allowed in the British heart foundation diet. This makes this plan a little more exciting for the dieters and makes them adhere to it easily.

Now let us find out what meals you can take in the three day regimen for getting a slender physique.

Day 1

  • Breakfast: You can eat half a grapefruit and sugar less black coffee or tea. You can also have one toasted slice made using wholegrain bread with a spoon of peanut butter.
  • Lunch: You are allowed to eat ½ cup tuna, black coffee or tea and one toasted slice.
  • Dinner: In the dinner, you can eat a bowl full of fresh carrot, one cup green beans, three ounces of lean meat, an apple, a coup of ice-cream, two pieces of cold chicken or beef followed by coffee or black tea.

Day 2

  • Breakfast: You should eat a boiled egg, one toasted slice, half banana and coffee or black tea.
  • Lunch: In lunch, you should eat five pure saltine crackers and four ounces of pure cottage cheese.
  • Dinner: You can eat three ounces of broccoli, two ounces of carrots, half a banana, two sausages and four ounces of vanilla ice-cream.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: You can eat any one fruit which is low in calories, one slice of cheddar cheese, five saltine crackers followed by tea or black coffee.
  • Lunch: In lunch, you can eat one toasted slice and a hard-boiled egg.
  • Dinner: You can eat four ounces of cauliflower, four ounces of beetroot, four ounces of tuna, half a melon and four ounces of ice-cream.


It is advised that you should consult your health care provider before exercising the British heart foundation diet. This is because the daily mineral and vitamin requirements tend to vary from person to person, and are also dependent on the gender, weight, age, health and medical conditions of the dieter, which is why they must get a green signal from their physician prior to implementing the diet.

Reports from Daily Mail

Women require about 2000 calories per day and men need about 2500. The British heart foundation diet provides about 1200 calories only, which is why some people suffer from weakness while following this diet regimen. A dieter stated that she found this diet plan terrible and could not complete it ever because she started feeling dizzy during the plan. She did lose a little weight, but the lost weight returned as soon as she started eating normally again.

This shows that like everything else, the British heart foundation diet comes with its share of cons as well. However, its benefits include:

  • Losing over two pounds in a week
  • Limited food plans
  • Designated times of three meals
  • Restricted food combinations
  • Exercise is not required
  • Uncompromising menus

To enjoy these benefits, you could consider following this plan.

What Is Really Recommended by British Heart Foundation?

The British Heart Foundation on the other hand recommends that you should eat a well-balanced diet and exercise in order to lose weight. You should lots of fresh veggies and fruits and eat a minimum of five portions of these two foods every day. Your routine diet should also include a good amount of rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. To stay healthy, dieters should replace white bread ad grains with whole wheat grains as the latter are more nutritious. In addition to that, you must drink two glasses of milk and eat dairy products. Moreover, eggs, fish, beans and meat should also be a part of your regular diet. You should try limiting their daily consumption of processed sugars, carbonated drinks and foods rich in saturated fats. Additionally, you should reduce your alcohol and salt intake as both these ingredients increase your risk of acquiring medical conditions. The eatwell plate can tell you what food groups to include in a healthy diet and how much of each group to eat every day: