Do Some Amazing Challenges with Your Friends!

If you and your friends are looking for a great way to bond and show off your abilities, then you may want to look into challenges to do together. You can find everything from simple ones to adventurous dares. Just remember to always make safety a priority when trying out these challenges with friends. All of the following dares can be done safely as long as you know what you are doing.

Crazy and Fun Food Challenges to Do With Friends

Some of the most popular challenges involve food. Some will only need ingredients you probably already have at home while others might require a trip to a specialty store.

1. Pickle Challenge

Don't be fooled by your love of pickles. This challenge is incredibly disg
usting, even for those who could eat pickles for every meal. It involves eating an entire jar of pickles and drinking all the juice. Have everyone race to see who can complete the challenge first or set up a time limit.

2. Oreo Games with Higher Difficulty

If you want food challenges that don't involve eating as much as possible, Oreo games are good and delicious options. You twist the Oreo into two pieces then lick the side with the white filling. You then stick the Oreo onto your forehead and have to eat it without any help from your hands.

3. Here Comes Cinnamon

You've probably heard of the cinnamon challenge, which is one of the most entertaining challenges to do with friends. The idea is to have a full tablespoon of the spice without washing it down in a minute. This is hard because cinnamon's dryness instantly gets rid of the saliva from your mouth. Just be sure to take extra care and keep back-up water nearby if you try this as some people have had lung damage.

4. Gallon Milk Challenge

Gallon milk challenge is also pretty popular and deceptively hard. The goal is to drink a full gallon of milk within an hour without throwing up. It seems simple in theory, but our bodies aren't designed to digest that quantity of dairy that quickly. This means it almost always leads to throwing up. Try it with several friends, and take interesting pictures.

5. Saltine Challenge

Another challenge that you thought should be easy but is hard is the saltine challenge. The goal is to eat six saltines within a minute. The problem is that the crackers are dry and salty, making it hard to swallow them down that fast.

6. Other Food Challenges

  • Chubby bunny: The idea is to put as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible until you can't say "chubby bunny" anymore. Be careful with this challenge since choking is a risk.
  • Beans and chopsticks: Dumb a can of baked beans into a bowl and try to take as many as you can out, one at a time, with chopsticks in a minute. Make it a race among friends.
  • Watermelon: Try to eat the most watermelon without hands in two minutes. Just remember to take pictures.

Particular Challenges to Do With Friends

Particular Challenges

How to Do

Learn Circus Skills

Give the challengers 50 days to perfect a circus skill of your choice. It can be something like magic tricks, riding a unicycle, juggling, or even something more adventurous. Then you guys can hold a mini show.

Give Up Something

Have each of your friends give up something you enjoy for 50 days, such as chocolate or alcohol.

Stay Silent

For this one of the challenges you can do with friends, you all try to stay completely silent for a day. You can even turn it into a competition and see who can stay silent the longest.


If you feel adventurous, find somewhere to walk across hot coals.

Bungee Jump

Find a reputable company and go bungee jumping with your friends.

Sky Dive

If you have the guts, find a safe company and enjoy a breathtaking and exhilarating sky dive.


Abseiling or rappelling is another fun activity that takes some guts and lets you bond with your friends.

No Thumbs

Try going a full day without using your thumbs. Wrap them into your hand with saran wrap or a similar item so you don't cheat.

Hot Pepper

Eat the hottest pepper you can find. Bonus points if you go with a ghost pepper.

No Lights Makeup

Turn off all the lights and have everyone try to apply their makeup in the dark. Boys can also try this challenge for more fun.

Cold Tub

Fill a bath tub with freezing water and only let your friend climb out when they answer a trivia question correctly.

Hold a Coke

The challenge is to try to hold a coke up with just your bust.

Back Slap

Friends who like showing off their pain tolerance will enjoy this. See who can take the most slaps to their bare back.

Tickle Challenge

See who can handle being tickled for the longest.

High Fives

See how many high fives you can get from strangers. Pick out the winner among the friends. Just take turn to record this whole process into a video.


Train together for a triathlon.

The following video gives you even more options of challenges to try with friends:

Challenges to Do With Friends Before Death

If you and your friends are ready for some extreme adventures, then consider one of these challenges to try with friends before you die.

1. Climb Mount Everest

Climbing Mount Everest takes 18 days so you can take your time and get used to the altitude. You will need a trained guide and to be in great shape, but you get the most amazing views throughout your lifetime.

2. North Pole Can Be the Perfect Challenging Place

There are few people in North Pole. Think about you and friends get along with each other for several days in such place. During a trip to the North Pole, you can sledge and ski about 8 hours each day. You can just expect various interesting and memorable things to happen along with gorgeous scenery to see. This just deserves to try as one of the challenges to do with friends.

3. Cycle Along the Great Wall of China

You can take a 10-day cycling challenge across the Great Wall of China. Every day involves cycling between 50 and 110 kilometers, letting you visit plenty of national parks and historic sites along the way.

4. Visit the Ecuadorian Andes

This 12-day challenge takes you through the Avenue of Volcanoes, showing you Mt. Cotopaxi, El Corazon, and Pasochoa. Such a journey can be an unforgettable memory of you.


5. Zambezi River Challenges

The Zambezi is one of the most challenging rivers in Africa. This challenge has you paddling along the river, more than 100 kilometers.

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