Cod Liver Oil vs. Fish Oil

Fish oil is created from the oily fish, usually found in very deep water. Cod liver oil is derived only from the livers of the codfish. Although both of them furnish the heart-healthy fatty acids, cod liver oil also has a large amount of vitamin A & D. Some people get their omega-3 from two weekly servings of fish. But if that doesn’t work, cod liver oil and fish oil might. But some people get confused about the differences between cod liver oil and fish oil. Is one better than the other? Which one should I take? Read on to figure out which one you should opt for.

Cod Liver Oil vs. Fish Oil: Vitamins and Fatty Acids

1. Vitamin A and D

Compared with cod liver oil, fish oil doesn’t have much in the way of vitamin A or D which is routinely used by those who face long winters and a lack of sunlight. If you suffer from Vitamin A and D deficiency or osteoporosis, go for cod liver oil. Nearly 10 % of your genes are directly influenced by vitamin D. It in turn impacts a wide variety of health problems. It not only prevents the common cold and flu, but reduces the risks of at least 16 different types of cancer. It is even scientifically proven that vitamin D is able to process brain detoxification of mercury. The lack of vitamin D has also been strongly linked to the childhood epidemics of autism, asthma, and diabetes, both type 1 and 2. Just like Vitamin D, Vitamin A also plays an essential role in your immune system. Being a precursor to active hormones that regulate the expression of your genes, Vitamin A work in tandem to maintain your wellness.

2. Omega 3

Fish oil contains more fatty acids than cod liver oil does. Omega 3 can help your heart by reducing your triglycerides, regulating your heartbeat, easing inflammation and stopping plaque buildup in the arteries. Therefore, if you aim to remedy your cardiovascular conditon, fish oil is your best choice. Taking regular Omega 3 can also prevent you from arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, hyperactivity and even cancer. It may also increase your concentration and your energy level. You can also find Omega 3 in walnuts and flaxseeds. However, the best form of Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) which can fight physical and mental illness can only be found in fish. 

Cod Liver Oil vs. Fish Oil: Other Differences

1. Manufacturing

Cod liver oil is created by steaming the livers of codfish, then pressing them to extract the oil. This can then be packaged in liquid form or in capsules. Fish oil is created by steaming the flesh of various fish, including salmon and herring, and then pressing it to extract the oil. This is typically available only in capsules.

2. Uses

When it comes to the question of cod liver oil vs. fish oil and the benefits, you will find that most are the same. All fish oils are taken for their heart healthy properties. However, those who have already dealt with a heart attack might benefit more from fish oil. Those who have trouble with brittle bones, especially the elderly, might benefit more from cod liver oil.

Cod Liver Oil vs. Fish Oil: Contaminants

Unfortunately, our world is not as clean as it used to be. Contaminants are everywhere, but especially in the oceans, where these deep water fish live. However, because the liver is used to filter out toxins, cod liver oil might have more contaminants than fish oil does. If you have a condition that requires you to avoid heavy metals at all costs, you might want to avoid cod liver oil.

Note for Pregnant Women

Pregnant or nursing women should always be careful about what they take, including cod liver oil or fish oil. This is because too much of either of these oils can lead to birth defects and other problems in the baby. The rule of thumb is to stick with less than a teaspoon of cod liver oil or fish oil per day.


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