Extrovert Personality

Your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that make you unique constitute your personality and character. We come across many different types of personality every day – stubborn, shy, easy-going – just to name a few. The famous psychotherapist Carl Jung had an interesting view on personality: people’s seemingly random behavior is really due to the different ways of using mental capacity. In his theory, there are mainly two general attitudes: introverts and extroverts. Do you think you are an extrovert personality?

Extrovert Personality Traits

What on earth is regarded as extrovert personality? They are many words to describe this kind of personality. In general, if you have met the traits of the following 5, you are extroverted person.

1.You’re Always Chatting

You’re constantly talking to your family, friends and colleagues, and can’t go through long periods of silence. You’ll happily chat about whatever’s on your mind. What’s more, you also like having conversations with complete strangers and love to meet new people. You use talk as a way to sort out and explore the ideas in your head. Extroverts usually have many friends, and find that socializing comes very easily to them.

2.You Gain Energy and Inspiration from Socializing

If you have to spend any length of time alone, you feel uninspired and restless, as though your internal “batteries” have been drained. Conversely, you gain energy through interacting with other people, and find socializing stimulating, inspiring, and rewarding. Extroverts will nearly always choose to spend time in company rather than be alone if faced with the decision.

3.You Solve Problems by Talking Them Through

If you come across an issue, either in your personal or professional life, you’d rather sort through the problems and work out the options by talking to other people. This lets you look at the situation in depth. Talking through your issues with co-workers, family, and friends can help you to relax and reduce stress. You often find you reach a solution in this way.

4.Others Say You’re Approachable and Friendly

Extroverts greatly enjoy socializing with others, so people usually find those with outgoing personalities easy to talk to and likeable. Extroverts love social occasions and big events, and will often approach new guests and make introductions at parties. For these reasons, if you’re an extrovert, you won’t find it difficult to meet new people and form friendships.

5.You Are Open and Easy to Get to Know

In contrast to introverts, extrovert people are usually very open about their thoughts and feelings, so there’s normally no doubt about what’s on their mind! This open personality means that it usually doesn’t take long to get to know an extrovert. Extroverts sometimes have difficulty understanding why introverts are more closed off, and may perceive them as aloof and standoffish. You wonder why everyone can’t be open like you.

If you are still not sure if you are extroverted or not, you can take a simple test HERE or take a TEST based on Carl Jung's theory Here. 

Do you know that introverts and extroverts have different brains? Watch the video here to get more.

FAQs About Extrovert personality

1. Are People with Extrovert Personality More Successful?

Although it may seem that way at first, it’s not necessarily the case that extroverts do better at work than introverts. There are a number of introverts who have been very successful at what they do – think Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, and JK Rowling for starters. In fact, every workplace needs a mixture of personality types, as different people suit different types of work.

Extroverts tend to enjoy working closely with other people, whether that’s colleagues or customers. They like to get stuck into new projects and appreciate team work. However, introverts want to focus on their own work more, and prefer working alone or in small groups. They like to spend some time thinking about a project before taking action to make sure everything is done properly. A good manager will take different employee’s personalities into account and respect their preferred style of working.

2. Are People with Extrovert Personality Happier?

Many studies into happiness levels show that extroverts enjoy life more than introverts. However, happiness testing often measures typical extrovert traits, such as socialization and interaction with the outside world. Introverts can be happy around other people, but tend to prefer more relaxed activities. This is not accounted for with current happiness assessments, therefore, introverts tend to have lower scores.

There may also be a cultural element. In Western society, extrovert personalities are often favored over introverted ones. Quiet individuals may be pressurized to be more outgoing, which can result in social anxiety and low self-worth. However, in Eastern cultures, introvert qualities, such as quietness and contemplation, are favored more, so shy individuals usually feel more comfortable here.

Further studies have shown that happiness really comes from self-acceptance, a sense of purpose, and a supportive social circle. Luckily, both introverts and extroverts can achieve these goals with proper guidance.

3. Are People with Extrovert Personality Healthier?

Whether extroverts or introverts are healthier depends on the situation. Extroverted people tend to have high levels of inflammation, controlled by the immune system. This is useful in the short-term, as inflammation helps you to fight infection and recover from injury. However, chronic inflammation has been related to long-term health conditions, such as atherosclerosis (artery blockages) and cancer. Conscientiousness, a trait typically found in introverted individuals, has been associated with lower levels of inflammation. Therefore, personality has a strong link with the way the immune system works.

Personality also has an effect on your stress levels. If you’re an extrovert, you may be unhappy to be alone, whereas an introvert finds too much socializing stressful. It’s important to be aware of your own preferences and adjust your time accordingly. However, you also need to venture outside your comfort zone occasionally, and learn to enjoy others’ as well as your own company.

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