Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is created within the placenta not long after the egg has been fertilized and implanted within the uterine lining. HCG is considered the ‘pregnancy hormone’, as it is present early in a woman’s pregnancy. For this reason, a faint positive pregnancy test will most often indicate that you are actually pregnant. 

Does a Faint Positive Pregnancy Test Mean I’m Pregnant?

With home pregnancy tests, if carried out properly, false positive results are very rare. This means that any line that appears, no matter how faint, is usually an indication of impregnation. The appearance of a faint line usually means that you are early in your pregnancy; as your pregnancy progresses. Levels of HCG begin to rise, meaning a faint line will most likely become a clear one.

To ensure the validity of the test, ensure to take a further test a few days later to see if that too returns positive. This will validate the first test and help you to know for sure.

What Other People Say on Faint Positive Pregnancy Test:

Be it a faint line or a solid line, both are indications of impregnation. It is extraordinarily rare to get a false positive reading on a pregnancy test.    Laurenad2005

Even after taking numerous tests, and every one of them returning back faint, you will most often find that impregnation has occurred.    AMartin81

It is possible to be pregnant and still have low levels of HCG. Blood tests can be used to further clarify whether impregnation has occurred.    Babyhopes29

What Should I Do After Getting a Faint Positive Pregnancy Test?

The first thing you should do is wait a few days after receiving a faint positive result, then take another test. To more accurately determine whether you are pregnant, then you should pay a visit to your gynecologist or healthcare professional. They will be able to perform a blood test to fully determine whether impregnation has occurred. This is the most accurate method, as it allows them to test the concentration of HCG within your blood.

Why Do I Get Faint Positive Pregnancy Test?

1. Failure to Follow Proper Instructions

This is the most common cause of faint pregnancy test results. It is essential that you follow proper instructions, and refrain from reading the results too early, or too late.

2. Not Far Along in the Pregnancy

As mentioned, home pregnancy tests look for HCG in a person’s urine. The hormone HCG requires time to accumulate to the correct concentration for it to be visible on a home pregnancy test. In some instances, there may be enough HCG to yield a faint positive result.

3. Lines of Evaporation

When the urine evaporates off of the test, evaporation lines of residue are often left behind. These lines are often misread as a faint positive result. This can be avoided by ensuring to read the test results in the time suggested by the manufacturer.

4. Positive Pregnancy

It is possible in normal circumstances for a pregnancy test to yield a faint positive result when it should, by all indications, return a bold line. If this happens, re-take the test a few days after.

5. Urine Being Diluted

Liquids that you consume can dilute your urine and lower the HCG levels present within the urine when excreted. Try to take the test in the morning, soon after you wake up, as this will be the period when the levels of HCG will be at their highest.

6. Occurrence of a Chemical Pregnancy

Also known as an early miscarriage, this is when implantation occurs, leading to the production of HCG, followed by a miscarriage. This unfortunate circumstance can be highly saddening to those trying to conceive, but can also be a cause for a faint positive pregnancy test.

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