How to Look Younger—Men's Guide

Women are usually believed to be more obsessed with the onset of physical signs of aging, but it has been observed that a number of men are also conscious about how old they look. No matter if you want to look young for work, impressing women or simply feeling better, you can adopt a number of strategies to shave some years off your appearance. Multiple factors should be considered when you want to look younger, such as skin, hairs, dressing and most importantly health. You can start from reducing the grey hairs and wrinkles from your face and work your way up to shed extra pounds to look more smart and vibrant. Here is your perfect guide for a younger appearance look!

How to Look Younger for Men—Skin Condition

Wondering how to look younger? Men should start with improving your skin conditions. Skin conditions are essential for a younger for both women and men. Start your skin care work from now on, man!

1. Moisturize

Men need to take care of their skin hydration. Moisturizing isn't only for women; in fact, men need moisturizer as much as women do (or at times more than women, especially if they shave regularly and spend a lot of time outdoors). Night creams is something light to start with. Particular areas require targeted attention like area around the eyes (so use high moisturizing creams for that region).

2. Protect Skin from Sun

Sun exposure has been known to make the skin look older by promoting free radical damage. So if you are wondering how to look younger; you should know how to protect your skin from sun exposure. To avoid the sloppy looking, wear sunglasses and use SPF every day, especially if you love going outside and hanging out. Don't leave home without a sunscreen at summertime.

3. Say Bye to Wrinkles

If you have never cared of your forehead lines and fine wrinkles on face, then now is the time. Using moisturizer (preferably with SPF) each morning and lotion every night helps to rehydrate the skin, which can be the first step to rejuvenation. Less intake of sugar can also reduce wrinkles on the skin.

4. Cut Back the Alcohol Intake

Alcohol sets blocks in figuring out how to look younger men! Sugar and UV rays aren't the only reason behind skin damage. Alcohol also results in dilating the blood vessels of skin that leads to broken capillaries. This leaves long lasting bad effects on the skin, especially on men with young age but poor lifestyle choices.

5. Get Some Healthy Glow

The rate of skin cells turnover reduces with age; these dead cells can be scrubbed to reveal the glow of skin. Lactic acid helps to remove the dead skin gently by reducing the visibility of skin damage and fine lines of aging. Some scrubs are useful as moisturizers and anti-aging agents as well.

6. Get Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep isn't only for women but men also need it. While sleeping, skin adopts to a repair-mode, and the basal consumption of oxygen, blood flow and water loss will be increased a lot. Therefore, a moisturizer is a must at night----heal skin dryness and make it more glow.

How to Look Younger for Men—Dressing Tricks

Aside from skin conditions, dressing tricks also weigh a lot on the how to look younger men's guide. Here are some tips that can be easy to follow.

1. Add More Colors to Wardrobe

Most wardrobes of men are loaded with blacks, blues, grays and browns. No offence, these colors are decent, but adding more colorful pieces into the wardrobe will add youthful vibrancy to your look. You can also ask your fellow mates for some suggestions if you're not able to decide by yourself.

2. Improve Dressing Quality

Colors cannot get you everything but smart and intelligent dressing can make you look younger. No! Don't try your little teen's outfits but get something classy and decent. Keep an eye on fit and quality of clothes; whatever you wear, make it look like it is designed for you.

3. Keep Your Complexion in Mind

Not all color look good on everyone. Wearing wrong colors can make you look aged and tired, whereas wearing the right colors will make you look younger. Wear colors that complimentyour skin tone. Yellow, orange and red complement warm tones, while green, purple and blue complement more fair complexions.

4. Follow Trends of Clothing Wisely

If you want to know how to look younger men, always choose updated classics according to your age; don't follow the trend blindly. If you really liked a look you did a few years ago, don't do it again, it will make you appear outdated in the new era.

5. Add Some Enhancements

Try some enhancements like contact lenses instead of glasses. Besides, sunglasses and an update to your hairstyle can make you look different and younger. Even changing your dressing style can have greatly impact on how young you can look.

6. Trim Your Body Hair

Trim hair that are unwanted on body like in ears and nose. Especially if the hairs on your body are getting gray, keep them trimmed at all times. You can also keep a beard if you own a sagging neckline, that's definitely the better way to conceal it.

How to Look Younger for Men—Healthy Lifestyle

1. Exercise

Exercising works best to make a person look younger, especially with persistent effort, you can reduce the belly fat. Exercise also helps in improving the posture and metabolism. The aging of cell slows down with more exercise, and better tissue circulation also helps in making the skin look healthier and younger.

2. Quit Smoking

Quitting is tougher than other tasks we've mentioned but comes with loads of benefits along with improvement in the quality of life. Smoking can make you look old by reducing the elasticity of skin. In addition, cigarette smoke can harm the delicate skin under eyes, leading to dark circles. Quitting smoking can reverse these negative changes and the skin starts to improve readily.

3. Eat Healthy

How to look younger men? Your diet is important. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can particularly the greens. Drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. Avoid too much sugar and oily food. The elasticity of skin greatly suffers with excessive intake of sugars in the bloodstream which may make you look older.

4. Have More Sex

Sex is the key to make you feel younger from inside, but scientists have now finally approved that people who have sex more than three times a week tends to look at least 7 years younger than their peers. Studies show that regular exercises can give somehow similar results. So, don't have a partner? Start searching for one.

5. Take Vitamins and Supplements

Besides the dietary vitamins, you can also rely on some useful over-the-counter vitamin supplements to promote rejuvenation processes. Suggested vitamins include Vitamin E, which improves the natural glow of skin, Vitamin C that boosts the functioning of immune system and antioxidants to ward off free radicals. For more advice, consult your doctor or a health store staff.

Click the video to find facial exercises for men to do to look younger:

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