How to Make Your Period Come

Menstruation is associated to fertility and is an integral part of a woman’s life. It makes a woman feel a connection with her body, but at times it can get very frustrating, especially when we feel that we do not have any control on something as important as our periods. Every woman has a different view about periods, but it can be agreed that they are inconvenient and can get irregular. At such times, every woman must have wished to know how to make your period come.

How to Make Your Period Come

1. Tropical Fruits

Fruits like mango, paw-paw and pineapple are considered good for making your periods come sooner because tropical fruits are considered ‘heat-inducing’. They increase the basal body temperature which hastens the onset of menstruation.

2. Vitamin C

High levels of vitamin C in the body result in deprivation of progesterone from the uterus, which brings the period. Very high content of vitamin C can cause diarrhea and kidney stones in some people. Hence it should be taken with plenty of water. It should not exceed the recommended dosage of 60 mg per day.

3. Herbs

If the periods are late because of hormonal imbalance, try to take two cups of parsley or ginger tea. They make the uterus expand and thus induce your period. Herbs can cause some significant side effects, similar to those of medications. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking herbs to make your period come.

4. Sexual Intercourse

After sex, the vagina relaxes and causes the uterine lining to shed. Sex also releases the hormones to make the cervix soft, which is usually the first step in menstruation.

5. Relaxation

Delay in periods can be caused by stress. Relaxation can reduce stress and you can simply try a warm bath in tub or hot shower. A hot compress on the abdomen can also be helpful.

6. Healthy Body Weight

Irregular periods may occur when a person is overweight. The increased fatty tissue in the body causes release of estrogen which causes heavy periods. This is because the lining of the uterus gets boosted by estrogen and it also interferes with ovulation. Weight loss may help in getting periods to come. But you should maintain healthy weight since severe weight loss can also cause problems in menstruation. It can stop periods due to low body fat levels. Estrogen and adequate cholesterol levels are required for proper menstruation, which might be lacking in underweight women.

7. Spending Time with Other Women

When you spend a lot of time with other women, you may get periods at the same time. If you are still wondering how to make your period come, you should spend time with your friends who are going to get their periods sooner than you.

8. Physical Exercise

Exercise reduces stress levels and improves blood circulation in the body. But it should be done in moderation since working out too hard can impede your periods.

9. Hormone Therapy

Hormonal imbalance in the body can delay your periods. Doctors may prescribe contraceptive pills to regularize your periods. These pills contain estrogen and progesterone hormones. When women do not get periods, they are sometimes prescribed medicine called progestin which contains hormones. Hormonal injection sometimes may be given instead of pills.

When to See a Doctor

  1. Doctor should be consulted when you have not had your periods for more than 3 consecutive months. The cause of the problem will be determined by the doctors with the help of blood tests and a thyroid function test. The underlying medical cause for irregular periods has to be treated first before searching for how to make your period come. The underlying problems can include poor thyroid function, pituitary tumor, polycystic ovarian disease and premature ovarian failure.
  2. It is essential to visit a doctor if a girl over the age of 16 has not had periods. Getting vaginal discharge, growth of pubic hair and breast buds are signs of first periods. If it has been more than 3 years since these signs are observed without the first period, a girl should see a doctor, too. 
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