How to Smile for a Photo

A camera ready smile is great when learning how to smile for a photo. Nowadays, you can take selfies and have your camera instantly share taken photos with your friends. When taking photos, people often give a forced smile. Everyone’s natural smile is slightly different, but most people have a few common features. Here are a few tips for smiling for the camera.

1. Get Light on Your Face

Getting light on your face is vital when learning how to smile for a photo. Light produces clearer pictures. Conceal facial blemishes with skin foundation and clear skin powder for a good photo shoot. To get light on your face when indoors, focus cameras near windows and take photos closer to the windows. Background choice also matters a lot when taking photos.

2. Look Confident

Trust yourself to be good looking. Confidence makes your face relax and as a result, the smile comes out beautifully. Avoid worrying too much about your appearance. This brings about tension and you may look disturbed in photos.

3. Avoid a Double Chin

When taking a photo, the camera position is vital in learning how to smile for a photo. Make sure the camera lens is or above your eye level. For a better photo, bend your knees to be on an even level with the photographer. People who are taller than the photographer should sit on a chair and look up towards the camera. It is also very important to project your chin out an inch to avoid a double chin.

4. Smile with Your Eyes

When smiling for pictures, you are encouraged to smile with your eyes. Eyes are to give out a genuine smile. You can imagine that someone you love is standing in front of you and you are smiling to him or her. This makes your eyes to crinkle and gives out a beautiful smile. 

5. Blink Before Taking a Photo

When learning how to smile for a photo, blinking at the right moment can make you look refreshed. This can be done by first closing your eyes and having the photographer count one and two. Open your eyes quickly when the number three is counted. Photos shouldn’t be taken at noon outside as this is when the sun is scorching and no one keeps his eyes open easily.

6. Wet Your Teeth Before You Smile

If your teeth are a little dull, there's quick fix that requires no preparation. Just before you smile, run your tongue over your teeth to wet them. Teeth that are a little shiny will look brighter than dry teeth. You can also rub some cooking oil over the front teeth to keep them shiny and smooth throughout the shoot.

7. Check Your Teeth and Gums

It is best to take care of the enamel of your teeth as you grow older. Yellowed teeth can be made white by applying a whitening product or by visiting a tooth expert. Gums are to be flossed and cleaned with mouthwash daily. Healthy gums lead to beautiful teeth thus a lovely smile in the long run.

8. Turn Your Head

When learning how to smile for a photo, the way you turn your head is very important. This is because most people have asymmetrical features, such as a right eye that’s bigger than the left eye. To conceal facial asymmetry, pose with only two-thirds of your face in view of the camera and remaining part facing away.

9. Avoid Looking Straight into the Lens

Focus your eyes just above the lens. You can also look past the lens or look over the photographer's shoulder. It is also good to be creative and show some personality when taking a photo. For example, you can raise an eyebrow.

10. Achieve a Genuine Smile

Keeping your smile natural is very important. Avoid saying the word "cheese" to the camera. If you’re having a hard time making your smile appear natural, say "mocha" or any other word that ends in "uh". This will bring the corners of your mouth up naturally. Ask the photographer to come up with a joke, so you get a genuine laugh and avoid a forced facial expression.

11. Try "Squinching"

When you squinch, you give the impression that you are focusing on the viewer. It is somewhat seductive and has been around for the longest time. Quite a number of celebrities have used this technique when taking photos, including Marilyn Monroe, Drew Barrymore and Angeline Jolie. It involves bringing up the lower lids by staring at something distant.

12. Smile for Your Face Shape

Just like the relation between haircuts and face shape, you need to understand the shape of your head to find out the most suitable mouth position when smiling for a photo. Oval shaped people are believed to have the best head shape. Any of their smiles suit them well. If your face is long and vertical, smiling with more pronounced horizontal teeth improves the smile. Circular shaped faces tend to look better with a vertical shaped smile. Moreover, a wider smile helps square faced people to look more oval and balanced. 

For more tips on how to smile for a photo, check out this video. 

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