How to Stay Up All Night

It is hard to stay up late but sometimes we just have to. From staying up for an event to working late, it is not easy. However, the longer you stay up, the more your body suffers the effects of sleep deprivation. Here are some tricks on how to stay up all night.

How to Stay Up All Night

1. Take a Nap Beforehand

Taking a nap for a few minutes will help reduce any signs of sleepiness and improve your performance. A study has shown that people who had a twenty six minute sleep have performed better. Ensure it is a short nap or you could end up in deep sleep, making it difficult to wake up. Sleeping longer the night before the night you know you will stay up also helps. The extra sleep will help you get through the sleepless night ahead.

2. Keep the Lights On

Your body clock, which is linked to your eyes, is aware of changes in darkness and light. You tend to be more awake when there is light. When it is dark, the body produces the sleep hormone melatonin. Turning down the lights at night will make you sleepier. One trick of staying up all night is turning the lights to be brighter.

3. Stay Busy

Are you wondering how to stay up all night? You can keep your brain alert by moving around. Whether it is exercising, washing the dishes or engaging in a conversation, just make sure to keep yourself busy. Having activities wakes your body more since you require renewed focus to start a new activity. When you keep yourself busy, your body focuses on performing the task rather than the lack of sleep. Mental activities like playing a game or listening in on a radio show can also help distract you from the tired feeling.

3. Adjust Room Temperature

Naturally, you sleep better when it is cold because your body temperature lowers when you sleep. However, you will feel sleepy in a hot room. One trick on how to stay up all night is to take a cold shower and adjust the room temperature to the level that doesn't make you feel hot or cold. After reducing the room temperature, open the window to let in some breeze.

5. Drink Caffeinated Beverage

Coffee or an energy drink will help you stay up all night and increase your focus. Take the coffee little by little to achieve maximum effect. Most people require 100 milligrams of caffeine which is equivalent to a 5-ounce cup of caffeinated beverage to stay awake. Caffeine takes about half an hour before its effects are felt and wears off in a few hours. Caffeine pills are also available in 100 or 200 mg doses. You may feel extra tired when you stop drinking coffee or a caffeinated beverage.

6. Eat Wisely

If you are thinking of how to stay up all night, you need to give your body an energy boost. Make sure you do not skip meals. Some foods will work better than others. Eat food containing fiber and proteins. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Chicken, nuts, eggs, beef, whole grains, mushrooms and tuna are high-energy foods as well. Junk food with high sugar levels will only have temporary effects.

7. Stay out of Your Bedroom

Do not hang around your bedroom if you are planning to stay up all night. Your body will naturally shut down if you start getting drowsy near your bed. This is because your body associates your bed with sleep. The trick is to close your bedroom door and study as far as possible from your bedroom.

8. Do Exercise

Physical workout is very effective in boosting your brain and productivity. A 20-minute workout will help will help improve creative thinking and boost your brain’s ability for learning and retaining information. But a full body workout will exhaust you even more. A few jumping jacks, pushups or going for a walk will improve your blood flow and boost your brain activity. When engaging in physical activity, your brain is signaled to be alert and focused. 

9. Have External Stimulus

Ensure you have a lot of external stimuli if you are planning to stay up all night. You could listen to upbeat music or have the television on in the background. Sleep is likely to creep in if you are seated in a quiet room. A bit of noise in the background will help keep you awake.

10. Get Prepared for the Dangerous Hours

Banking sleep will help you stay up all night. However, at some point, the circadian rhythm will catch up with you at some point. 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. is the sleepiest time of day. The trick is to be prepared to feel very sleepy just before dawn and come up with ways to stay awake when that time comes.

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