How to Tickle Someone

When you tickle someone, it induces many different involuntary physical responses. Tickling can make us smile, laugh, cry, and feel pleasurable feelings. Some people enjoy tickling others because it improves boding with another person and brings people together. Others feel tickling is an intimate thing. Regardless of why you are tickling someone, it is imperative to know how to tickle someone so as to lighten their mood and not make them upset.

How to Tickle Someone Step by Step

Step 1—Select a Target

The first thing you need to do is find someone who is suitable for tickling. This should be someone you know well such as friends and family. Keep your sense of humor up and make sure the other person has a good sense of humor. Use your judgment when tickling someone who is in a bad mood. Make sure the target person is not aware of your plans to tickle them, and they are distracted and doing something else.

Step 2—Find the Right Moment

To make the person not be aware of your ticking intent, you must sneak up on them from behind as long as the tickled person is not too jumpy. Remember that you aren't trying to scare the person but just make them laugh.

Step 3—Think About Your Plan of Attack: Where to Tickle

Think about where you intend to tickle them.

  • Some good spots include the feet as long as the person is not wearing any shoes. The feet are the best place to tickle someone but they are sometimes a hard place to get to.
  • So, the underarm area is another good place to tickle someone. This works especially well when the person has their arms outstretched. People tend to defend this area quite quickly so you should have a backup plan.
  • Here comes the neck, an easy place to tickle people, but some people don't like being tickled there.
  • The side of the person is an especially ticklish area, like the abdomen. It is also a hard place to defend once you start tickling them, or sometimes they will try to twisting away from then you can start to tickle the other side of the abdomen.
  • Another good place how to tickle someone is behind the knee. It is a place that many people have a hard time defending, especially when you are sitting right next to them.

Step 4—Pounce on the Target

Make sure the target person is very distracted or busy with something else. They should be surprised by the tickling attack when they are thinking or doing other things.

Step 5—Find Other Targets of Opportunity

A tickling attack usually attracts others' attentions and they will often join the fray. This makes these other people good targets. Beware of being tickled yourself as you try to tickle others.

More Tips on Tickling Someone

With the above nice steps of how to tickle someone, you will also need some tips when tickling, including:

  • Hug them from behind and start tickling them at the waist. Move on from there and walk your fingers up and down the person's sides.
  • Tie up the victim on a soft place, such as the bed. Have them lying spread eagle with feet pinned down and hands over their head.
  • Try not to use your nails for tickling but the pads of your fingers.Use a mix of different touches for a more pleasurable experience. Try stroking them with your nails and go at fast and slow paces to mix it up a bit.
  • Try to tickle someone by sitting on their legs and tickling their feet. Or you can even tie their feet together and tie their hands behind their back. Then tie the hands and feet together so their stomach and feet are available for tickling.
  • Just reach over and tickle them when they are ill-prepared. Put your hand on their shoulder and get close enough to tickle them. Ask the victim if they choose to be tied up. They must be willing to be tickled in this situation.
  • Put the victim in a blindfold if they are willing with using pantyhose.
  • See if the victim is more ticklish with socks or nylons on, or just with their bare feet.
  • Make use of baby oil or baby powder for a different tickling experience.
  • When the victim says "stop" be prepared to stop tickling them as they are not having fun.

Real Experiences for Your Reference

Here are some real life experiences for tickling that may give you some ideas as to how to tickle someone:

1.   Knees

"When I was 11 years old, my cousin who was 18 got mad at me for giving him some tickling in the armpit area because I wanted my iPod back. I simply sat down and he began squeezing me above my knees. It caused me to scream and laugh and my other cousins began laughing. After that I asked him how he knows where is the best to tickle me, he told me that he was six years older than me and used to tickle me all the time when I was little."

As for Behind the Knees

"I thought that tickling behind the knee was terrible. I had my boyfriend sleep over at my home and was on my stomach watching a TV show. He hopped down on my legs and started tickling the back part of my knees. I really didn't like it at all. It's terrible."

2.   Butt

"I have sisters who found out that I am extremely ticklish on my butt. Now they continually grab me there and squeeze my butt. It only really tickles when the touch to my butt is very soft."

3.   Belly Button

"Because I am a boy, I thought I wouldn't be very ticklish in the belly button. My girlfriend started tickling me there and I couldn't stop laughing. She told everyone I know and a friend once tied me up and tickled me there. I laughed so hard that my other friends started tickling me there too, for about an hour!"

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