Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

According to Stephen LaBerge from The Lucidity Institute, a special machine was able to show that lucid dreams do exist after he was able to track the eye movements of people having lucid dreams. After asking lucid dreamers to move their eyes to the left and to the right in rapid succession when they became conscious of their dreams, he was able to record the moment they experienced lucid dreams.

Most people cannot be aware of the occurrence of dreams while sleeping, even though some can recall some of their dream when they wake up. However, a few people have lucid dreaming, which means that they are aware that they are only dreaming while it is going on.

But some may wonder, is lucid dreaming dangerous? If you experience lucid dreaming, read this article for more information.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming was coined from the word "lucid," which means mental clarity. It usually begins in the middle of your dream when you realize that your experience is not occurring physically, but is only a dream. You often realize this when you notice that something is unlikely to occur in real life, such as when you are flying or talking to a deceased person. But sometimes it can occur even if there is nothing peculiar in the dream; you just suddenly know that you are dreaming. 10% of lucid dreams, according to LaBerge's researches, are due to the process of getting back to the REM (dreaming) sleep from rightly awakening with unbroken consciousness.

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

The quality of awareness during lucid dreaming can vary greatly. Sometimes lucidity is high and you are aware that everything you are experiencing in the dream is just happening in your mind, and that there is no real danger. You know that you are in bed asleep and will wake up shortly. In low levels of lucidity, you may be aware that you are dreaming but maybe not enough to know that the people in your dream are just representations; or that you are actually in bed and can suffer no harm.

Possible Dangers You Should Know

Although no evidence shows that lucid dreaming is abnormal or unhealthy, some side effects may occur. Just remember that dreams occur from your subconscious mind and it is best to avoid recklessness. These effects may include:

  • Dissociation from reality: Lucid dreaming may cause you to create barriers between dreams and reality. You may have trouble seeing the difference between fantasy and reality and between your subconscious and conscious mind.
  • ŸDistancing: People who have reported to have lucid dreams may feel distancing from others. Some people do not know anything about lucid dreaming. Some people may think it is crazy or weird. Then the people who have lucid dreaming may experience distancing. However, anyone can experience lucid dreams and no one should be judged when they admit they experience lucid dreaming.
  • Accidents during lucid dreaming:Some people have accidents while dreaming. It is therefore important to know how to handle lucid dreaming properly to avoid harm.
  • Problems on waking up:Sometimes, when you are having lucid dreams, you may find it difficult to wake up.
  • Exhaustion: Some people have the habit of overdoing lucid dreaming. They have many lucid dreams in one sleep. If this happens to you, you may feel tired or fatigued because you may not be getting enough good quality sleep.

Signs That Lucid Dreaming Is Doing Harm on You

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? Here are some signs that it has a bad impact on you:

  • You fail to remember some activities.
  • You have a feeling of familiarity in a place where you have never been.
  • You are unable to recognize some of your friends and family members.
  • Some objects seem not real to you.
  • You are unable to remember some of the important events of your life.

Why Do People Want Lucid Dreaming?

1.  It Is Fun.

This is the simplest reason why one engages in lucid dreaming. When done properly, lucid dreaming is like playing in a realistic video recording simulation which one can imagine.

2.  It Helps Overcome Anxiety.

We all experience some degree of anxiety in everyday life and lucid dreaming can help us overcome this by being able to put things in control. However, it does not mean that lucid dreaming is a way of escaping reality. For example, if you are afraid of public speaking, you can practice taking command and building confidence while you are having a lucid dream and take away your anxiety when you awake.

3.  It Helps You Communicate With Yourself.

If you are still wondering, "Is lucid dreaming dangerous?" then it may comfort you to know that it can actually help you know more about yourself, especially the subconscious part of you. When mastered, you can communicate with your subconscious mind to help you get more insight of yourself, to become more aware of what motivates you and what pains you.

4.  It Helps You Get In Touch With Your Spirituality.

Dreams have always been an inevitable part of our connection with the spiritual, transcendent and mysterious world. Lucid dreaming provides a gateway to mysticism that is spontaneous and personal, which gives you opportunities for having beautiful experiences in an out-of-the-box manner.

5.  It Gives You Artistic Inspiration.

Dreams have long been considered as a mystical source of art inspiration. Lucid dreaming allows you to see complex symbols and vivid images, which provides a fertile ground for artistic inspiration. Many writers, painters and even scientists have been inspired to make their creations and discoveries after experiencing lucid dreams.

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