Is There Sperm in Precum?

Precum, or pre-ejaculate, is the liquid that you can sometimes see around the tip of a man's penis when he is aroused. It is clear in some men and its job is to neutralize the environment in the urethra which is known to be acidic. It comes out of the small glands that are located near the urinary/reproductive tract which are called the Cowper's glands. The precum protects the sperm as it makes its way to the urethra after ejaculation.

Is There Sperm in Precum?

Precum is not anything a man can control the amount of or when it is released, making it very unpredictable. In the beginning, it was believed that precum contained sperm but upon further findings it was determined that there was usually no sperm found and if there was any, it was dead. While it is possible for sperm to make its way into the precum from a previous ejaculation, or simply from the reproductive system, it is nearly impossible to say whether precum contains any sperm through any viable means.

Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

With the answer to "Is there sperm in precum?" being not likely, some people still worry about the chance of becoming pregnant. If you want to be as sure as you can be, you will need to use a condom whenever you engage in sex and pair that up with other forms of birth control, such as the patch, the pill, a ring or a shot. Make sure that the condom has been put on correctly: it is on before intercourse begins, and it stays in place until completion.

More FAQs about Sex and Pregnancy

1. Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

While it is pretty much unlikely you can get pregnant without penetration, there could be an exception. All it takes to become pregnant is for the right semen to make its way into the vaginal canal. If the man ejaculates he wouldn't have to necessarily be inside the woman for sperm to find its way into her vagina. While the chances are low, it could happen.

2. Can You Get Pregnant While Grinding?

The answer to this question is a little bit less definite than "is there sperm in precum?" Most likely, no, you cannot get pregnant while grinding, but there are some stipulations that go with this answer. Grinding is going through most of the motions of having intercourse but there is no penetration involved. In many cases, it is because both parties have all of their clothing on; in some cases it may just be underwear.

With both partners dressed, there is little chance of getting pregnant. The chances increase if the partners are wearing underwear and if they are nude the chances increase even more. While these answers may sound inconclusive, the reality is that anything can happen and when it involves sex you should always be as careful as you can and not push your luck. Unless you are grinding with all of your clothing on, don't risk it.

3. Is It Possible to Get Pregnant If You Only Have Sex Once with Someone or It Is the First Time?

If you are having sex, you have the chance of becoming pregnant even if you are using birth control or condoms. The only way that you can be completely sure you won't get pregnant is to not have intercourse. If you do not want to get pregnant, use protection during sex each time.

4. If I Am Sexually Active, What Can I Do to Prevent from Getting Pregnant?

There are a number of different options available to keep you from getting pregnant. While each method holds its own level of effectiveness, something is always better than nothing. You should talk with your doctor to see which form of birth control will work best for you. Some options to discuss include the pill, the patch, the IUD, condoms, or a birth control implant.

5. I’ve Never Used Any Means of Birth Control Before and Haven’t Gotten Pregnant, Does This Mean I May Not Be Able to Get Pregnant?

If you have been having unprotected sex with the same person and never gotten pregnant it could mean that either you or the other person has an issue. If you have been having sex without using birth control with a number of partners you are pushing your luck. Not only are you putting yourself in the position of becoming pregnant you could possibly become the recipient of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). At least try to incorporate a condom into your sexual encounters, it is the only method that can be used as a birth control method plus keep you from getting an STD.

6. Can I Get Pregnant Having Anal Sex?

Compared to the question "Is there sperm in precum?" this question has a more definite answer. The primary answer is no. Anatomically it doesn't work. While the anus is hooked into the end of the digestive system, which starts in the mouth, it does not intertwine with the reproductive system at all.

If a man ejaculates and it finds its way near the woman's vagina, there is always a chance the semen could make its way into the vaginal canal. If the man's condom has not been put on correctly or it comes off, there is always a chance the sperm can end up in the vagina.

7. Can I Get Pregnant While I Have My Period?

While it is not common, you can indeed get pregnant while you are on your period because of the timeframe that your egg and the man's sperm remain active and fertile. The cell of the egg from a woman's body can remain alive for as long as 24 hours during ovulation. Put this together with the fact that a man's sperm can remain live for up to 7 days while inside the woman's vagina. Being surrounded by cervical fluid that is fertile will up the odds of possible conception.

With the cervical fluid around at the end of the woman's period, if the sperm is alive and the woman begins to menstruate again within 7 days she can become pregnant.

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