Can Sperm Go Through Clothes?

Do you know there can be more than 500 million sperms in the average amount of semen produced when a man ejaculates? With so many of these guys in so little amount of semen, when you ejaculate in the clothes, do you wonder about "Can sperm go through clothes?" Getting your clothes wet is definitely one thing, but it becomes a cause of concern when you ejaculate on the clothes of your girlfriend, especially on her underwear. Do you think this can lead to unwanted pregnancy? Keep reading on to find answers.

Can Sperm Go Through Clothes?

It is very unlikely for sperm to go through clothes, so you don't really have to worry about ejaculating on her clothes or underwear. So it is highly unlikely for a sperm to go through the clothes and then make its way into your partner's vagina, which will then swim to reach the cervix and uterus, and then all the way up into the fallopian tube to fertilize the woman's egg (which may not be there in the first place). It means if you think your partner became pregnant because you ejaculated on her clothes, you'd better think of other excuses. There has to be another explanation to the whole scenario.

It is important to understand that ejaculating on her clothes while masturbating is different from ejaculating on her clothes after you've entered her and pulled your penis out of her vagina to ejaculate. If you don't use any other birth control method and enter her vagina, this may lead to pregnancy even if you don't ejaculate inside her. It is mainly due to sperm-filled pre-cum that contains enough sperm to cause pregnancy. About 30 out of every 100 women who believe they won't become pregnant if their partner doesn't ejaculate inside end up becoming pregnant within a year. So be careful.

How Strong Is Your Sperm?

Now that you know the answer to your question, "Can sperm go through clothes?" it is time to learn a bit more about sperm in general. You need to understand that your body is continuously producing sperm, starting from puberty until death. Your sperm will be produced in your testicles and stay there until they mature which usually takes about two and a half months for sperm. On average, a man ejaculates about a couple of teaspoons of semen and it contains 100-600 million sperm. Your sperm will always swim for the eggs, but their strength will determine how fast they reach the egg and fertilize it. Here's a bit more about what people want to know about sperm.

1.  How Fast Can Your Sperm Swim?

Your sperm can swim up to 5 mm per minute or up to 5 body lengths of your sperm per second. It means if your sperm were the size of a salmon, it can travel 500 miles an hour! So the sperm are pretty snappy and can reach the egg in a day or so.

2.  How Long Can Your Sperm Live in Your Body?

Just like, "Can sperm go through clothes?" it's common for men to ask, "How long will my sperm stay alive in my body?" The simple answer is that your sperm can live in your body for up to 72 days. The semen contains sperm, and the lifespan of semen begins in your testes. After puberty, your testes will produce up to 1, 500 sperm per second. Your semen is the combination of sperm that fertilizes the egg and the fluid that nourishes sperm and carries it. The sperm will move through the epidymidis and develop the ability to swim. When you ejaculate, your sperm move out of the tubes called epidymidis and collect seminal fluid on their way out.

3.  How Long Can Your Sperm Survive in a Woman's Body?

In a perfect environment inside a woman's body, your sperm can survive for five days only. Your partner can become pregnant only when the sperm are alive. However, sperm die within the first couple of days inside a woman's body generally. The sperm starts swimming up soon after being deposited into the woman's vagina. They move through the cervix to reach the uterus. What's more, the woman's body produces mucus for the sperm to swim with ease.

4.  How Long Can Your Sperm Stay Alive Outside Your Body?

Your sperm can survive anywhere between 20 minutes and 60 minutes outside your body. It usually depends on its exposure to the air and other environmental factors. The sperm becomes useless once the semen dries up after ejaculation. It means that if you really don't want to deal with any unwanted pregnancy, you should ensure you've ejaculated far enough from the vagina of your partner in case with 20 minutes the sperm finds its way to the vagina. 

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