Is It Better to Shower at Night or in the Morning?

People may have strong opinions about which time is better to shower – at night or in the morning. Some like to begin the day with a fresh, clean feeling, but others want to slip into bed knowing they are squeakily clean all over. What’s the better option? Actually both have pros and cons; different people suit different shower time. Keep reading to make your own decision.

When Is It Better to Shower in the Morning?

When deciding between night shower and morning shower, science does offer answer to the conundrum. Consider these arguments for showering in the morning.

1.   You have oily skin

The oil on your skin builds up during the night, and a shower in the morning can make you feel fresh and clean. It can make it easier to put on makeup, or you might be able to keep oil from marking your clothes.

2.   You have frizzy hair

If your hair is frizzy, a morning shower can tame it. The hairstyle is easier to manage with newly washed hair. Going to bed with your hair wet can lead to even more frizz. Make sure it’s dry before you go out.

3.   You are definitely not a morning person

If you are the kind of person who wants to sleep all day, is it better to shower at night or in the morning? In this case, a shower in the morning is definitely for you. The shock of water on your warm body, right after getting out of bed, will jolt you fully into the land of the living.

4.   You work in a creative field

Some people do their best thinking in the shower. It’s where they come up with all sorts of ideas, thanks to the relaxed but alert state most people enter while under the water. A shower in the morning can make your mind more creative within minutes of rolling out of bed.

5.   You work out in the morning

This one is rather obvious for those who like to work out hard as soon as they wake up. Go straight to your workout, and then hit the shower. You will be refreshed, renewed and sweat-free for the rest of your day.

6.   You often cut yourself while shaving

If you are the kind who always seems to have a little nick here and there, morning is the time to shave, and what better way to shave than in the shower? Our bodies have a surge of platelet production in the morning, which means your blood will clot faster and those wounds will heal sooner.

When Is It Better to Shower at Night?

So, is it better to shower at night or in the morning? Now that you’ve seen the reasons for showering in the morning, here’s when you should consider nighttime showers.

1.   You have a tough time going to sleep

When you get a shower, your body cools off rapidly. That cooling off effect can prepare your body for sleep. Instead of waking you up, it might actually help you drift off.

2.   You have dry skin or acne

If you have dry skin, skip the morning shower and only shower at night. Nighttime showers will also open up the pores and wash out the awful things that build up there, such as smog, dust and dirt. This means that the odds of acne are much less.

3.   You prefer clean sheets

To keep your sheets clean, get in them when your body is just as clean. A shower at night before you get into bed can not only assure you of clean sheets, it might also allow you to go longer between laundry days.

4.   You work in a dirty environment

Whether you work under the sun all day or take a dirty subway train to work, you are likely going to get messy at some point during the day. If your work puts you in rather unsavory environments, showering at night is the way to go.

5.   You work out at night

Just as with those who work out during the morning, a shower after a workout is always the best way to go. Working out at night and then showering can also help your body calm down and ease into sleep.

6.   You suffer from allergies

When you shower at night, all those invisible allergens that have accumulated on your body and hair are washed down the drain. By not carrying those to the pillow with you, it’s a sure bet that your allergies will lessen.

7.   You live in extreme weather

If you live in a place that is horribly cold, is it better to shower at night or in the morning? Most experts say at night, because you can make the water toasty warm and get into bed comfortably. On the other hand, if you live in a very hot climate, a cool shower can be the perfect lullaby.

How to Make It Work After Choosing the Best Time

So now you know the right answer for yourself. Whichever option you choose, there are a few tips to remember. When showering at night, a woman can pin up her hair so it doesn’t get wet, thus allowing for bouncier hair. If you do choose to wash your hair, do so at least two hours before bedtime, so you can give your hair time to dry naturally. If you shower in the morning, adjust your schedule so you can sleep in a bit and not be tempted to skip a shower. For example, choose the clothes and make lunch in the precious evening. Following a strong routine is the answer to making sure your morning showers go smoothly.

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