Living near Power Lines

People use so many technologies today and they take most of those for granted. It is really difficult to live without those technologies – you will have a hard time cooking your meal without your microwave, you will feel bored without your TV, and you just cannot see in the dark without any lights.

All these technologies require electricity to operate, and as more and more people are using these technologies, the demand for electricity is increasing too, which has resulted in the increase in the number of transmission towers and overhead wires. What people don't understand is that living near power lines will expose them to the electrical and magnetic energy produced by these high-voltage wires. Long-term exposure can cause several health problems.

Is Living near Power Lines Really Bad?

A simple answer is YES. Some research has already showed evidence of how long-term exposure to these high-voltage wires can lead to several health problems. Here are the most common issues you may experience when living near power lines.

1.   Childhood Leukemia

One of the first studies was conducted in 1979 in which researchers studied any relationship between incidence of leukemia in children living near high-voltage power lines and towers. They chose a residential area inside Denver, Colorado to conduct the study and compared the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation effects on people living at various distances from high-voltage wires and transmission towers. The results were shocking as children living close to power sources were more at risk for childhood leukemia. However, no evidence has been provided to establish a direct connection between childhood leukemia and EMF.

2.   Cancer

Another research study conducted in Australia looked for any connection between the incidence of cancer in people living near power lines and transmission towers. The research showed that those who lived within 50 m radius of a power source had 106% of chances to develop cancer as compared to those who lived at least 300 meters away from a power source. This confirmed that there is a connection between exposure to power sources and cancer.

3.   Depression

A research conducted on the psychological effects of living close to power lines showed exposure to extremely low frequency EMF might contribute to the number of depression-related suicides in people living close to those power sources. EMF was responsible for disruption in circadian rhythm cycles, alteration in melatonin and serotonin neurotransmitter levels in people living close to those areas.

In addition to these effects, many other published papers have discovered links between living near power lines and a number of other health concerns, including brain cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, miscarriage, breast cancer, birth defects, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, decreased libido, sleeping disorders, heart disease, neuro-degenerative disease and more.

Why Is Living near Power Lines Bad?

Power lines are used to transfer high-voltage electric current from place to another, but when the current flows through the lines, it creates two separate fields around them – a magnetic field and an electric field, both of which are important components of the electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic radiation is responsible for creating negative effects on human body. The magnetic component is even more dangerous because it gives out more EMF. The strength of this magnetic field usually depends on how much current flows through the wires, the voltage and the configuration of those wires.

What Is the Safe Distance to Live near Power Lines?

Ideally, you should be as far from power lines as possible. If you're within 50 of a 765 kv line or transmission tower, you're more likely to develop cancer and experience increase in triglyceride. When the distance is 507 m, you may experience abnormal EEG's. When you're at least 834 m away from it, you may end up developing issues related to decreased calcium flow. A distance of 1400 m may still result in altered biorhythms, and you may still experience issues related to stunted growth even if you're 2000 m away from a transmission network.

What Can You Do to Protect from EMF?

Sometimes, you think there are no visible power lines in your area, but there may still be underground cables posing health risks. Some household products, such as microwave, computer, blender, clothes washer, etc., can also have EMF. It means even if you think you're far from power lines, it is still a good idea to take some protections from EMFs.

  • Don't stick with an old appliance because the older it is, the higher EMFs will be emitted through it.
  • EMFs are the strongest when you're 2-3 feet from the appliance. Maintain your distance always!
  • Don't spend too much of time around electrical appliances in your home.
  • Keep cordless phones, cell phones, clocks and other electrical devices at least six feet from where you sleep.
  • Buy some EMF products to counter artificial EMFs, which in turn will help restore balance to the fields around you.
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