Man Dies from Drinking Tea

You might have recently heard the terrible story that a man dies from drinking iced tea. Unfortunately, this actually did happen in Arkansas in the spring of 2015. The man was 56 years old, and he had a habit of drinking a great deal of iced tea, up to a gallon every single day. The result was kidney failure, which eventually led to his demise. But does that mean the same thing could happen to you? Is there any side effect you should notice? Continue to find more.

Man Dies from Drinking Tea, How Is It Possible?

It is important to remember that this particular case is a bit unusual. Most people do not die from drinking too much of any common beverage. However, tea does contain oxalates, which can build up in the body and cause problems with toxicity. In fact, most of us have too much oxalate in our diets – if you eat a great deal of spinach, nuts, wheat bran or chocolate, you might easily exceed the 50 mg per day that is recommended by experts. Most Americans consume anywhere from 152 mg and 511 mg per day.

If a man dies from drinking tea, it is likely due to kidney damage caused by the oxalates. In this particular case, the man had calcium oxalate crystals in his urine. Also, he was put on dialysis to try and remedy the problem, but by then it was too late.

More Considerations of Drinking Iced Tea

Moderate tea consumption can be very good for you. However, too much tea can lead to problems with certain ingredients. This is especially true of the caffeine content in most tea and tea-based drinks. Though a small amount of caffeine can be beneficial and certainly won't cause harm for most people, large amounts of it can lead to serious consequences, such as dehydration, high blood pressure and more. If a man dies from drinking tea, it might be due to the side effects of serious amounts of caffeine on his body.

Another Case to Support

In fact, there are other reports of people dying from ingesting too much caffeine through drinks. In Japan, a man who was ingesting large amounts of caffeine in an effort to stay awake passed away from complications due to the caffeine. He drank energy drinks, coupled with caffeine in pill form, to stay awake during his overnight job. He often vomited and collapsed in the year prior to his death; the final cause of death was listed as caffeine intoxication.

Possible Side Effects of Drinking Tea You Should Know

When a man dies from drinking tea, it might make you wonder just what you are ingesting when you have a few glasses of tea. Below are some possible side effects to notice:

1. Anxiety

The high caffeine content of most iced tea or other tea beverages can make you quite anxious, restless or even irritable. Though tea usually contains less than the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee, drinking too much of it can lead to the same jittery side effects.

2. Dependency

If you drink a great deal of anything that contains caffeine, you might become dependent upon it to help you stay awake or feel up during the day. Just like someone needs their morning coffee, you might come to need higher amounts of tea in order to function in the same way. When you stop drinking it, you can suffer the consequences, such as stomach upset, irritability and headaches.

3. Sleep Problems

Caffeine keeps you awake, and you might notice that when you drink too much tea, you wind up with trouble falling asleep. Once you do fall asleep, waking up in the morning is tough, and you might immediately begin to crave the tea in order to get a caffeine boost. And a vicious circle just begins.

4. Skeletal Fluorosis

When a man dies from drinking tea, it might make you wonder about what chemicals are in the beverage. Black tea contains fluoride, which can actually lead to bone damage if you drink too much of it. There was a case in 2013 that a woman who consumed vast amounts of black tea for decades wound up with skeletal fluorosis, a very painful complication.

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