Substitute for Sweetened Condensed Milk

Cow’s milk after removal of water is referred to as condensed milk. Sweetened condensed milk is sweet and very thick, which, if not opened, on canning can remain fresh for many years even without placing it in a refrigerator. The two terms “sweetened condensed milk” and “condensed milk” are very often used synonymously. In several countries, many desserts are made out of condensed milk. Evaporated milk is a related product to condensed milk, which is prepared by a much more complicated process and is not sweetened.

Get to Know Sweetened Condensed Milk

From sweetened condensed milk, 60% of water has been removed and sugar is added into it. It has 40-45% of sugar, 28% of milk solids and 8% of fat content. During the procedure of evaporation, condensed milk is also pasteurized and the added sugar stops any further sterilization because it inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Besides, it is required by government regulations that vitamin A be added to condensed milk. Other nutrients can also be added though not required by laws. But bear in mind that sweetened condensed milk is very high in calorie. Maybe this is why may people ask for a substitute for sweetened condensed milk.

Sweetened condensed milk is darker and yellower than regular milk. It is very thick just like molasses and naturally thickens on addition of an acidic ingredient such as lemon juice without heating. Condensed milk is used for making pie fillings, puddings, refrigerated desserts and bar cookies. There are several types of sweetened condensed milk available such as low fat, regular, chocolate and fat free.

Substitutes for Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sometimes sweetened condensed milk is considered unhealthy due to its high calories content or whatsoever, so let's look at some healthy substitute for sweetened condensed milk:

1. A Dairy-Free Substitute

Cholesterol and fat in your diet are provided by dairy; they have been linked to diabetes and some cancers and may be tolerated poorly causing issues with digestion in some individuals. To prepare a cup of dairy-free substitute, put 3/4 cup of honey and 3/4 cup of tofu in a blender and blend until the mixture becomes smooth. Store it in a refrigerator and eat whenever you want.

2. A Substitute for Vegans

Vegans don't eat any dairy or animal products, so they definitely need a sweetened condensed milk substitute. To make this substitute, add 3 cups of rice or soy milk to a pan with 1/2 cup of white sugar. Put the pan on a medium-low heat, stir constantly and cook until the mixture is reduced to about 1 cup. Now add a pinch of salt and a few drops of vanilla extract. Mix well and store the mixture in a refrigerator for use.

3. A Sugar-Free Substitute

It is said that blood vessels are damaged by sugar in a similar manner as lungs are damaged by smoke. So you can make a sugar-free substitute for sweetened condensed milk to lead a healthier life. To make this substitute, dissolve 1-1/3 cups of powdered milk in 1/2 cup of water. Microwave the mixture for 1 minute or till it steams. Add 1 tsp. of vanilla and 3/4 cup of sucralose sugar. Mix and cover. Keep in the refrigerator to chill and use.

Great Recipes to Replace Sweetened Condensed Milk

Let's discuss some great recipes to make great one substitute for sweetened condensed milk that really stimulates your taste bud!

Recipe 1


  • Ensure that all ingredients are slightly warm or at room temperature.
  • Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend to form a smooth mixture.
  • Adjust the sweetness according to your taste and store in a refrigerator.

Recipe 2


  • Put the milk powder and sugar in a blender and blend for around 30 seconds or till the sugar is powdered.
  • Add the remaining ingredients and blend the mixture till it is smooth, creamy and thick or for 2 minutes.
  • Use the mixture as a substitute for sweetened condensed milk.

Recipe 3


  • Heat a small pan over medium high heat. Put all the ingredients into it. Stir or whisk occasionally or till the mixture boils.
  • Turn the heat to low degree and simmer the contents for around 30 minutes or till slightly reduced.
  • Set aside to cool and store in a refrigerator, but know that the mixture thickens upon refrigerating.


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