Dream Interpretation: Teeth Falling Out

We often get random dreams and if we do remember them, we try to analyze them, looking for their meanings. A very common one is teeth falling out dream which can mean a lot of things. It can mean that you are subconsciously worried about becoming old and losing your capabilities. This dream is also symbolic of the feeling of loss. To find out the true meaning, you need to focus on how you felt in the dream.

What Does Teeth Falling Out Dream Mean?

1. A Transition Period in Your Life

When you wake up from a dream in which one of your teeth falls out, you may have a horrible feeling, especially in the mouth. It could mean transition that is happening in your life and the uncertainty or anxiety you feel. It is a fairly common dream for pubescent children and menopausal women.

2. The Feeling of Loss

When you lose someone or something important, you may end up dreaming about teeth falling out. The lost teeth represent the loss you have felt in your life. The feeling of loss may not be easily noticed since it is usually deep rooted in your subconscious mind.

3. Anxieties About Your Appearance

If you are very anxious about your appearance, you could have teeth falling out dream. Since smile is an important aspect of your appearance, loss of teeth can have a big impact on how you look. People who are insecure about how they look tend to have this dream more often.

4. Difficulty in Making Decisions

If you are mulling over some important decisions and are unable to come to any conclusion, you could have such a dream. It correlates to inability to digest information about something in your life. Also, when you are not getting adequate nutrition, you can get such a dream.

5. A Sense of Powerlessness

We use our teeth for biting, chewing, tearing and gnawing, which in some ways symbolizes power. Teeth falling out dream can mean losing power. When you are unable to make your point or express yourself or feeling unheard, you have a sense of powerlessness. Low self-confidence or inferiority in relationships can also trigger such dreams.

6. Words That Shouldn’t Have Been Said

When you see body parts in dreams, they usually are associated with emotions and psychological aspects of the person, rather than body parts. Teeth or any oral body part is associated with communication, so teeth falling out dream could mean that you have said something which shouldn’t have been said.

7. The Need of Being Nurtured

Some dream analysts interpret the dream as the subconscious desire to return to the state of being very young and toothless, when you were cared for by your mother. We did not need to deal with any difficult situations at that age and it could mean you are struggling in difficult situations now.

What to Do If I Have a Teeth Falling Out Dream

1. Take It as a Chance to Assess Your Life

You need not panic when you have a dream of teeth falling out. Even if it feels like a nightmare, try to look at it as an opportunity and analyze how it associates with your life. It could be a sign that you are expecting changes to your life.

2. Focus on the Positive Side

Always try to look at the positive side of the dream. It could be reminding you of problems you need to solve or challenge you have to take in order to fulfill your ambition. Strive to resolve a challenge more positively.

Other Types of Teeth Dreams

1. Rotting Teeth Dream

This kind of dream happens especially when we have fears and anxieties that have built up inside us for a very long time. Rotting is associated with pain, damages, weakness and uselessness. You need to correlate it to your waking life to make the right associations.

2. Pulling Teeth Dream

This is another form of teeth falling out dream. “Pulling” symbolizes the force that takes something away from you. It could be due to you pulling yourself too hard in some situation, or the threatening force from the other people if someone is pulling your teeth in the dream. People who are scared of dentists and have toothache can also get such dreams.

3. Crumbling Teeth Dream

No one wants to get old and hence crumbling teeth dream is symbolic of the fear we have with old age. Sometimes it could be possible for such dreams to occur when you feel you are falling apart in your life.

4. False Teeth Dream

Dreams with false teeth are majorly associated with lying or breaking rules. If you have lied to someone, hurt somebody’s feelings or told a secret you weren’t supposed to tell, you might dream about false teeth.

5. Broken Teeth Dream

Unlike teeth falling out dream, broken teeth could indicate something that needs to be fixed. It could be related to your image or appearance, or some outside force which needs to be dealt with. It could also be a warning that you could be getting into trouble because of your mouth, such as by speaking something.