Questions for "Truth or Shot"

Have you heard about or seen the game gone viral called Truth or Drink? It is just like Truth or Dare, but if you are too embarrassed to answer a question or complete a task, you take a drink. The drink is usually a shot of hard liquor such as whiskey, tequila or vodka. Needless to say, Truth or Drink questions typically venture into sensitive areas, but as participants drink more, their answers and reactions become more and more hilarious!

How to Play the Game: Truth or Drink

The rules of Truth or Drink are so simple; it would be hard for you to mess them up. The only thing you have to remember is if you choose to avoid answering a question or don't have the gumption to take on a dare, you have to take a drink. There must be two or more people playing since it wouldn't make much sense to play by yourself. There are no filters, ask or dare away! The questions absolutely must be answered truthfully, so don't lie or you will face penalties. Sometimes the stakes rise and if you want to avoid a dare, you have to take two drinks. Remember, a drink in this game is a shot of liquor so be warned, it can get a little crazy!

Players, all over the age of 21, sit in a circle and it begins when the first player asks the person to the left a question. If you really want to spice things up, the person asking the questions can choose the type of shot that has to be taken. This vicious cycle continues as long as everyone can still speak coherently or as long as you want. You will most likely get drunk, so if you get grumpy when you drink this may not be the game for you. Don’t forget – one drink for not answering a question, two drinks for avoiding a dare and penalties can make up as many drinks as the players set at the start!

List of Truth or Drink Questions

  1. What is your secret bad habit?
  2. Describe the first time you had oral sex.
  3. Have you ever stolen office supplies from work?
  4. Name an awkward spot on your body that has a mole.
  5. Who in this room would you most want to kiss?
  6. Have you ever cheated on a test and when?
  7. Tell me about your first date ever.
  8. Describe your biggest regret in life that involves sex.
  9. Have you ever lied during a job interview?
  10. Did you ever crank call as a child?
  11. Have you ever farted while having sex?
  12. Have you ever gotten caught picking your nose in public and eating the boogers?
  13. Have you ever yelled out the wrong name during sex and how did you try and cover it up?
  14. Who was your worst lover ever and why?
  15. Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person and what happened?
  16. Why did you and your last girlfriend (boyfriend) break up?
  17. Are you still interested in having sex with one of your exes?
  18. What is your favorite secret sexual pastime?
  19. Have you ever stalked someone via social media?
  20. Have you ever been cruel to or tortured an animal?
  21. Do you enjoy S & M?

Videos on Truth or Drink Between Different Groups of People

Typically, Truth or Drink questions are made up by the people playing the game. But producers at Cut Video decided to do a social experiment in which they asked different sets of people – best friends, couples, parent and child, and even ex-lovers - to play using questions and dares they created.

1. Truth or Drink (Best Friends)

The game starts off innocent enough. Each group introduces themselves, offering information on how they met and how long they have been best friends. They describe what kind of drinkers they are – ranging from "cheap dates" (gets a buzz off one cocktail) to "breaking the bank" (can down a 12-pack in one night all by himself).

As often the case, alcohol often brings out our sentimental side. At the end of the video, the best friends exclaimed their love for each other with eyes glistened with tears and slurs in their speech.

2. Truth or Drink (Couples)

Usually couples ask each other questions like, “What do you want for dinner tonight?” or “What movie do you want to see?” But when playing the game Truth or Drink, the questions take on a whole different perspective. When was the last time someone asked you, “When was the last time you masturbated?” In this video, couples asked each other this and so much more. All while being recording, knowing the video would be posted for thousands to see.

3. Truth or Drink (Parents & Kids)

Things are already awkward between parents and their kids, but things really get ramped up when sex-related questions are introduced to parents and their adult children. You can’t stop yourself from cringing when you imagine it being your mom asking you the same questions. Who in their right mind would ask their dad is he performs oral sex on their mom? Well, the players in this game did just that and their reactions were embarrassing hilarious!

4. Truth or Drink (Exes)

Picture ex-lovers sitting across from each other while asking Truth or Drink questions that probe into the most intimate parts of their lives. Could you do it? Could you tell your ex how much they did or did not mean to you? Or if you ever cheated? That is exactly what these groups of ex-couples did and now their answers have gone viral.

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