Wasabi Health Benefits

Wasabi is a strong and highly spiced root vegetable often referred to as “Japanese horseradish”. It falls under the Brassicaceae family that comprises cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, mustard, cabbages and horseradish. The wasabi root is customarily ground to form a green paste and offered as a condiment. It is not merely good for toting a zesty kick to your sashimi or sushi. Actually, there are other wonderful health benefits of wasabi  as would be discussed in here.

Wasabi Health Benefits

1. Kills Bacteria

Wasabi has natural benefits as an antimicrobial agent useful in the elimination of bacteria. Wasabi is often used with raw fish due to its ability in eliminating bacteria by way of touch (although should not entirely be relied on to get rid of bacteria from food). They produce Isothiocynates vapors that deter the development of yeast, mould and bacteria, hence preventing food poisoning. When mixed with ITCs, Sawa Wasabi prevents “Helicobacter pylori.” It also destroys bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

2. Battles Inflammation

The green paste from wasabi is a significant anti-inflammatory agent that gets rid of inflammation in injuries and sores except in your mouth, nose and allied systems where it causes inflammation on the contrary. It provides useful benefits in this manner preventing further injuries, infections and sores.

Again, it decreases the swelling of joints and arthritis as well. It works by preventing platelet aggregation responsible for discomfort and pain and further blocks prostaglandin, a neurotransmitter responsible for inflammation and pain. The isothiocynates action in wasabi also prevents asthma and inflammatory bowel disease.

3. Prevents Cancer

Wasabi health benefits also include improving the health of your liver. Isothiocynates work by blocking enzymes that amount to pre-carcinogenic compounds to transform into carcinogenic ones called Phase I enzymes. With wasabi, the liver is well-able to neutralize some of the high lethal substances present all through the body with a potential of causing cancer. Wasabi reduces cancer development risks at an advanced stage in life by inhibiting the effect of the harmful substances that cause cell mutations. The isothiocyanates in wasabi activates the liver enzymes and clears substances that cause cancer prior to any damage to your body.

4. Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases

Owing to the potential by wasabi to deter the aggregation of platelet, there are reduced chances of stroke and heart attack. Wasabi works in advance by hampering platelets from jabbing together, a situation that can be fatal. Ideally, wasabi has anti-hypercholesterolemic characteristics that help in preventing increased levels of cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes.

5. Prevents Cavities

Wasabi also helps you to get rid of the obnoxious cavities in your mouth that make you see your dentist quite often. Streptococcus mutans bacteria are responsible for this mouth condition. Wasabi works by inhibiting this bacteria growth in the mouth because of the presence of the isothiocyanates chemical compound. They prevent sugars responsible for causing cavities on your teeth from getting stuck on them.

6. Sanitizes and Detoxifies the Body

Wasabi health benefits also include sanitizing qualities with the ability of fighting staphylococcus and e-coli. Again, it has a potential of harming pylori bacteria.

As a detoxifier, wasabi assists the liver to remove carcinogens and other toxic substances. Its action produces a photochemical effort of removing toxins that get stored in the fatty tissues of your liver.

7. Helps with Wieght Loss

When prepared with peas, wasabi makes a good low-calorie food that is an appropriate option for anyone with weight issues. If you are overweight, you can consider taking this combination instead of unhealthy foods such as chips and other snacks containing high calorie.

8. Boosts Respiration

Wasabi health benefits are multifaceted. Wasabi’s reaction on your nose makes it easily distinguishable. This is caused as a result of the natural production of allyl isothiocyanates that can prevent pathogens attacking the respiratory tract. This further helps in clearing the sinus and in the opening up of the nasal passageway.

9. Improves Digestion 

Wasabi peas are a great option of food for your intestinal tract since it removes toxic substances from your body. This produces the effect of cutting down the possibility of getting diverticulitis complications. This is so because the delicacy is rich in fibers important for digestion.

Wasabi Nutritional Value

People can overlook wasabi believing that it's just another condiment. However, wasabi health benefits make an important constituent of anyone’s diet. Most importantly, wasabi has protein, fiber and energy. It also forms a list of mineral content such as sodium, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and potassium – natural and important elements of a balanced diet. It is very rich in thiamin, niacin, vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin A, folate and vitamin B6. Other benefits include low cholesterol, high antioxidants levels like for isothiocyanates. When added to your diet quite often, wasabi can boost your nutritional needs and promote your general health in various ways.

Are There Any Wasabi Side Effects?

Having considered wasabi health benefits, it is important to be aware of the areas of concern with the vegetable. Too much wasabi can cause some damage to the liver as you endeavor to guard your body against heart diseases and cancer.

There is a chemical component, hepatotoxin, present in wasabi that is not a problem when taken in small doses. However, large wasabi amounts in your body may make it hard to process this toxin that has a negative effect on the liver at these levels. Just like is the case with other things, it is important to moderate wasabi intake.

Wasabi can also be allergic, especially if you are taking it for the first time. Therefore, it is always important to seek the services of your doctor for a complete allergy panel to have a more complete view of what you are allergic to. Wasabi could just be one of them.

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