When to Take Pre Workout?

Most bodybuilders emphasize the importance of post workout nutrition to achieve their goals. However, they often overlook the importance of nutrition before workouts, which also plays a vital role in increasing muscle size and strength. To succeed in making noticeable results in muscle-building, here are some tips on when to take pre workout supplements.

Why Should I Take Pre Workout?

Research shows that taking pre workout supplements achieves at least one of these two goals: it boosts muscle strength and power through more intense workouts and/or it improves your physical and mental energy to overcome road blocks and enhances mind and muscle connection.

Whatever your goal is, whether you are looking to build lean body mass or trying to improve your muscle performance, you need the mental and physical energy to accomplish those grueling workouts. This is why you need a pre workout to help you get the job done.

How and When to Take Pre Workout?

Taking pre-workout too close to training sessions is ineffective. You see, you will not benefit much from your pre workout if you take it just a few minutes before training, especially when taken on an empty stomach. That’s because the nutrients need time to get fully absorbed by your body. Therefore, timing is important when it comes to taking pre workouts.

To determine the right timing of when to take pre workout, read labels thoroughly.

Some products contain Glycerol Monostearate and L-Norvaline, which works optimally when consumed 30-45 minutes before training.

Blow are 2 examples of how and when to take pre workout:

Pre Workout No. 1

To be taken 60 minutes before training.

Research shows that combining green tea and caffeine burns more fat than taking either of these supplements alone.

                      How Much to Take

Caffeine ——————→ 200 to 400 mg

Green Tea Extract ——→ 500 to 1,000 mg

Take these supplements 1 hour before workouts to maximize your strength, endurance and fat burning effects.

In addition, you can also take a nitric oxide (NO) pre workout supplement to boost muscle growth, endurance and strength during workouts. Many NO-containing products contain caffeine too, so you achieve your goals with just one supplement.

Pre Workout No. 2

To be taken 15-30 minutes before training.

                      How Much to Take

BCAAs ———————→ 5 g

Whey Protein ————→ 20 g

Creatine ——————→ 2 to 5 g

Beta-Alanine ————→ 2 to 3 g

Now let’s considerwhen to take pre workout to provide fuel for energy to your training. As seen above, experts recommend taking whey protein and amino acids within 15-30 minutes before workouts. Although people usually think of carbohydrates as fuel source, bodybuilders usually consider whey protein as the best source of energy for intense workouts. You need to take this just before training as a quick source of amino acids, or else your body will extract them from your own muscles. Whey will also aid growth and muscle recovery during workouts. You'll also need branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in your pre workout to trick your brain into dampening fatigue so you can maintain strength for longer periods. Creatine is another important source of energy for working muscles. Finally, add beta-alanine to your mix to further boost energy, muscle growth, endurance, strength, and fat loss.

What to Avoid When Taking Pre Workout Supplements

It is important to make sureyou knowwhen to take pre workoutand not to take short cuts or sacrifice dosing accuracy. If you do not resist these time-saving temptations, you could end up with poor results. You may also want to consider encapsulating pre workout pills to help you avoid these problems.

Don’t Snort Your Pre Workout Powder

Some people think that this practice will make the pre workout kick in faster. But unless you want to appear like you’re using coke, there is no proven benefit in doing this. Just take your supplement as recommended - that is, as an oral supplement.

Don’t Take More Than the Recommended Dose

Some people develop tolerance to their pre workouts and think that taking more than the maximum amount recommended will also maximize their benefits. This is not true. Instead of taking more, try to use your pre workouts in cycles to avoid developing tolerance.

Avoid Overstimulation

Most pre workout supplements contain caffeine, so be careful not to add these to your caffeinated beverages like your energy drink or morning coffee.

Don't Forget Post Workouts

Post workout is as important as pre workout nutrition. You can take a protein shake as post workout to help with muscle building and recovery. You may want to consider adding BCAAs to your supplements before, during, and after workouts. Your muscles break down these amino acids and are able to get energy from them right away. Glutamine is also another great post workout supplement because it helps increase protein synthesis and speed up muscle recovery.

How to Choose a Pre workout Supplement

Apart from knowing when to take pre workouts, it is also important to choose the right product for you needs. There are hundreds of pre workout products in the market and choosing one can be a challenge.

First, it is important to know what to look for in a pre workout supplement to suit your needs. If you are concerned with lactate build-up, supplements with beta-alanine will help delay lactate accumulation in blood. If your goal is to put on more muscle, use pre workout supplements with arginine, which is known to facilitate protein synthesis, leading to an increase in muscle size. And if you need to burn fat, caffeine-containing supplements will help you boost energy and reduce body fat. Your choice will depend on your goals, so we recommend that you do a bit of research to know exactly what you need. Here are some tips:

  • Get Product Reviews

Read reviews from credible sources, including experienced trainers who can give unbiased information about products they have actually used.

  • Top Seller Information

Look for information about top selling products. Read about the top sellers and see why they have good reviews. It is also advisable to look into top sellers that have been around for a long time, which indicates that people keep buying these products.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

If you are after assessing cost-effectiveness, compute for cost per serving of the product. You can also calculate how long your pre workouts will last based on the number of times you work out per week.

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