Why Should You Wear Underwear?

While some people like to go commando, it seems as if the majority of the people are proud to wear underwear. If someone tells you they don’t wear underwear, you may even be tempted to convert them. By learning why do we wear underwear, you will have all the information you need to help you convince someone who goes commando that they should invest in some underwear.

8 Reasons Why We Wear Underwear

Feel Comfortable and Confident

One of the biggest reasons people choose to wear underwear is to help them feel comfortable and confident. In the case of males, it can help give you profile the desired bulge and it can help boost anyone’s self-esteem. The underwear industry even offers innovations and new technology to let you choose whichever style makes you feel the most confident.


Hygiene is perhaps the most important answer to the question of why do we wear underwear. You can easily change underwear, particularly when compared with the ease of changing pants. Historically, hygiene may not have been the main reason for the popularity of underwear, but it was a factor.

If you choose to go commando, you risk a minor rash that can happen when your delicate skin in the private areas chafes against the pants. You may also be increasing the risk of pubic lice, or crabs, which can live on surfaces like towels. If, for example, you have a skirt on and sit on a towel with lice, you can easily get infected.

Protects Your Private Areas from View

Most people don’t want random people to easily see a random erection or bulges in your pants. In the case of stretchy or thin outer garments, there will be a very clear outline of your genitals, particularly if you are male and have an erection. When you have underwear on, the outline of your privates is minimized. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about sensitive areas moving around while performing physical activities or doing sports.

Maintains Privacy at All Times

At some point or another, plenty of people will have a wardrobe malfunction and if you aren’t wearing underwear, this can cause your privates to go on display. If your friends decided to pants you (pull down your pants), underwear can protect you from being completely on display. Underwear can also help when you wear shorts that are loose or wide. These bottoms are popular because of comfort, but can easily give others a special view if you make the wrong movement. If you wear baggy pants, underwear prevents a show if they fall down.

Protects Pants from Stains

No matter how clean you think you are, whatever fabric touches your skin will be soiled. It can be in the form of vaginal lubrication, pre-ejaculate, semen, menstrual blood, fecal matter, urine, or other substances. Keep in mind that your genital area has a higher risk of harmful bacteria than the majority of other regions, meaning you will need to change clothes there more frequently. This lets you change your underwear and wear your pants more than once.

Holds Sanitary Pads

If you are a woman, then you will most likely want to wear underwear during your menstrual cycle. Not only will it prevent blood stains on your pants, but it also gives you somewhere to place your pad. Keep in mind that wearing tampons exposes the vaginal opening so if you combine this with a lack of underwear, bacteria has easy access. While daily vaginal discharge isn’t a health risk, which can be another reason to wear underwear.

Helps with Privacy when Wearing Skirts

We already talked about wearing underwear for privacy with loose clothing or genital outlines, but some people will answer why do we wear underwear with skirts and dresses as a specific example. If you are wearing a skirt on a windy day, underwear stops you from accidentally flashing others. The same is true of wearing translucent or wet outer clothes.

Benefits of Cotton

Cotton underwear, in particular, also comes with a host of health benefits. Cotton works to absorb moisture which can encourage bacterial growth and therefore lead to UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, or yeast infections. Cotton also reduces the smell of the area and ventilates the region, which is especially important for athletes.

What Kind of Underwear Should You Be Wearing?

Choose the Right Fabric

Now that you know why we wear underwear, it is time to choose the right type to wear. The fabric you choose will make a dramatic difference in terms of comfort. Underwear is made using synthetic and natural materials designed to offer ventilation, movement, support, warmth, and softness. Some fabrics are best for wearing at night, while others do better during physical activity. You may even want to choose different underwear materials depending on the time of the year and temperature.

Wear Well-Fitting Underwear

You want your underwear to maximize support and be comfortable. For men, underwear size will correspond to your pant measurement and be based on your waist circumference. Some men suggest wearing underwear in one size smaller to emphasize their package, but this typically just leads to discomfort.

If you wear restrictive underwear, you can increase your body temperature which leads to excessive sweating and stains. If the temperature of your groin is raised over longer periods of time, you may notice issues with your fertility and health. You should also avoid elastics which are too tight around your legs or waist as they might lead to rashes or irritation.

If your underwear is too large, it may create unsightly wrinkles that are visible through your clothing or other discomfort. It can also bunch in specific areas, distorting your form.

To help choose the right underwear size for your body, look at the following charts.

This chart helps women choose underwear:

Underwear sizing for men:

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