Blue Veins on Breasts, Early Pregnancy Sign

Pregnancy can bring a variety of changes for a woman physically and mentally. Women can experience different symptoms ranging from nausea, fatigue, and physical changes like a protruding belly during early pregnancy. Some women may notice blue veins on their breasts, and wonder whether that is an early pregnancy sign.

Are Blue Veins on Breasts an Early Pregnancy Sign?

Indeed, the blue veins that appear on the breast and around the nipple region can be considered an early sign of pregnancy, and sometimes they can even appear on the abdomen as well. This is completely normal and very common due to the engorgement of the breast and an increase in the visibility of the blood vessels.

Even though this is not something that every woman experiences, there are many expecting mothers that are known to notice these signs. Blood flow increase during pregnancy to support the baby’s growth and development is the main cause of this condition. There is nothing to worry about and these veins will become less noticeable after giving birth to the baby.

ŸAre Blue Veins on Breasts a Sure Sign of Pregnancy?

No, they are not. The appearance of these marks can be attributed to several reasons. For example, the hormonal imbalance which can be caused by different diseases or the use of birth control pills, can also cause blue veins on breasts. Blue veins can also indicate that the period is arriving.

Other Signs of Early Pregnancy

1. Missed Period

This is one of the main signs that can be used to detect an early pregnancy. If your period has delayed for more than a week and you are in childbearing ages, you may be pregnant. However, women who suffer from an irregular cycle should not trust this sign by its own as it can be misleading.

2. Tender, Swollen Breasts

Changes in hormones can make breasts become swollen and have an increased sensitivity. This will gradually disappear after the body gets accustomed to the hormonal changes.

3. Nausea with or Without Vomiting

This symptom can happen at any time of the day, and begins several weeks after pregnancy. It is not experienced by all the women, and hormones tend to play a big role in this.

4. Increased Urination

The increase in blood flow that happens during pregnancy will cause the kidneys to work harder and filter more fluids, which will make pregnant women urinate more.

5. Fatigue

Besides blue veins on breasts, early pregnancy sign can also include fatigue. Hormones like progesterone start to rise during pregnancy, which make women feel more lethargic, tired and sleepy.

6. Moodiness

Due to a variation of hormone levels, most women feel a change in their temperament. Sensations like anger or sadness get more heightened, thus causing the so called “mood swings”.

7. Bloating

This is caused by hormonal changes and the increased liquid retention in body tissues. Some women also experience this during their periods.

8. Light Spotting

Light bleeding can appear around 10 to 14 days after becoming pregnant, which is called implantation bleeding. It happens due to the attachment of the fertilized eggs to the uterus lining.

9. Cramping

Mild to moderate pain can be experienced due to the contraction of the uterus. This sign can present during early and late pregnancy.

10. Constipation

Besides blue veins on breasts, early pregnancy signs also include constipation. There is a slowing down of the whole digestive system due to the hormonal changes, thus leading to constipation.

11. Food Aversions

Women often become more sensitive to certain odors or tastes. This can also be attributed to hormone imbalance which changes the senses of smell and taste.

12. Nasal Congestion

An increase in blood flow can make the little veins located in the nose swell and more susceptible to bleeding.

13. Hair Growth

Due to an elevation in hormone levels, pregnant women may experience an increased hair growth on face, leg or the whole body. However, some women may experience thinned hair or an increased volume and texture.

14. Spider Veins

Except blue veins on breasts, early pregnancy sign can include spider veins. An increase in blood flow throughout the body along with weight gain can induce the appearance of spider veins on the legs. They are broken capillaries that can appear as small purple lines. Even though this sign does not go away completely, it can become less noticeable after giving birth to the baby.

How to Make Sure That You Are Pregnant

Having the above mentioned symptoms does not always mean that you are pregnant, so you should take pregnancy tests for sure.

1. Take a Home Pregnancy Test

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are pregnant is to use a home pregnancy test. The test kit can be easily bought at a local drug store or a supermarket.

  • It is best to use the test kit immediately after waking up, because the result is more accurate if tested at this time.
  • It is important to follow the instructions on the package. Most common pregnancy tests are shaped like a pen, with a little strip at the end in which the urine can be deposited.
  • After urination, you should wait for the results. The package will have directions to know whether it is positive or not.
  • If the test result is negative, you should have another test after some days to make sure.

2. Get Tested at a Doctor's Office

This is the most accurate method with an almost 100% certainty rate. This can be done by taking a urine test at a family planning clinic. Or you can make an appointment with a physician or gynecologist who will then take a blood sample in order to measure the levels of a hormone called beta-hCG (beta human chorionic gonadotropin) that increases with the pregnancy.

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