Chicory Health Benefits

Chicory root has a reputation of a tasty coffee replacement, but most don't know it has many other beneficial uses as well. Chicory health benefits are bountiful, packed in a delicious and creamy consistency. It has even been used as a fat substitute for margarines, ice creams and salad dressings. You will be surprised how versatile the root really is.

Chicory root

Health Benefits of Chicory

1. Supports Digestive System

The most recognized of the chicory health benefits is its positive effect on digestion. It is abundant in a fiber called inulin, which nourishes the flora in the digestive system. This assists in the breakdown of fat, regular bowels and better stool elimination. It also allows you to absorb food nutrition better. Chicory reduces your chances of an upset stomach, acid reflux and overall gastric discomfort caused by digestive problems.

2. Fights Toxins with Antioxidant Properties

Chicory root is polyphenols-rich, which is a powerful antioxidant. The consumption of the root has been show to increase antioxidants in your blood system. This provides protection for many bodily functions, such as the cardiology and immunity systems. It helps your body eliminate toxins and other damaging elements. Chicory is also known to have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, which helps fight harmful bacteria.

3. Benefits and Detoxifies Liver and Kidneys

Research has found evidence that chicory root is beneficial to your liver and kidneys because of its detoxifying abilities. It assists these vital organs by promoting bile secretion and urine production. Studies are being conducted to see if the root is viable in specific cases as an element in oxidative stress and liver injury prevention. It is also known to fight and treat jaundice. Because of these properties, chicory has been found to be useful in treating gallbladder stones too.

4. Fights Heart Disease

The inulin found in chicory root does more than promote good digestive health. It also helps fight heart disease. The soluble fiber can lower your blood pressure if it is caused in part by high LDL cholesterol. In addition, the root is full of anti-arrhythmic and anti-thrombotic agents that are known as powerful heart-healthy antioxidants. They work to improve plasma and blood equilibrium in your body, lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis Pain

One of the major chicory health benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found effective in pain reduction, making it an effective treatment for arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. It can provide general pain relief for muscle pain, aches and sore joints. Its polyphenol content also fights inflammation, due to its ability to restore blood cell balance. This makes chicory a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, as many health issues are caused by inflammation.

6. Promotes Weight Loss

In addition to inulin, chicory root contains oligo-fructose. Both promote weight loss through appetite suppression. Inulin makes you feel full, so you keep your calorie intake at proper levels. It does not raise the sugar in your blood levels, so you do not increase your chances of diabetes. Oligo-fructose encourages microorganism balance in your intestines, which aids in proper digestion. Chicory root has also been found to be a low-carb substitute for sugar. It has the sweet taste without the risk of raising glucose levels in your blood.

7. Relieves Constipation

When your digestive system is in proper working condition, it reduces your chances of constipation. Because of the soluble fiber, vitamins and nutrients chicory contains, it helps with bowel bulk, peristaltic movement and gastric secretions. Reduction in constipation lowers your risk of gastrointestinal disorders and illnesses, which includes colon and stomach cancers.

8. Boosts Immunity

One of the facts that make chicory health benefits so significant is its multiple positive properties, making it a strong immunity booster. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidants and prebiotics that assist in ridding your system of harmful byproducts. Chicory root has been known to boost immunity so you can ward off life-threatening diseases. Studies have shown it may also have anti-tumor properties, which may slow the growth of some cancers.

9. Decreases Risk of Diabetes

Chicory root contains adiponectin, which is a protein beneficial to prevent diabetes. The substance regulates and balances glucose levels in your blood system. It also works to breakdown fatty acids, leading to regular bowel movements. Regularity assists in the elimination of harmful byproducts left in your digestive system. Chicory root is considered a natural method for managing diabetes and a potential treatment option.

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