11 Best Excuses to Leave Work Early

That morning breeze feels great when you are going to work, and that soothing calm of the afternoon you experience when coming from work is equally impressive. And of course, you really need those financial benefits that your job offers. Still, sometimes, you may want to leave work early. Whatever the reason, you can always find excuses, but you have to use the best ones with high chances of success. Let’s find out more about it.

Best Excuses to Leave Work Early

So many things can push you to do something to leave work early. You may have planned something with your spouse or you may simply want to spend more time with your kids to recharge your batteries. The only thing you need to keep in mind that a lame excuse can get you in trouble, which is why you need to consider all your options and then make the best excuse. Here are some suggestions:

1. You Are Feeling Sick

Faking an illness is probably the best way to tell your employer that you 'deserve' to leave work early. However, it is the most common excuse of all time, so you have to be careful with how you approach your boss. A good idea is to say that you think you are having an infectious disease, like the flu, and your boss would let you out early because they would not want other employees to become sick as well. Whatever sickness you choose, just emphasis on the fact that you need immediate medical attention.

2. You Have to Be at a Birthday Party

This is another good excuse, so long as you sound convincing enough because your boss may not always think that the party cannot start without you being there. A good idea is to say that it is your spouse's birthday, and your boss will understand that you will land in trouble if you do not reach there in time. Even if you decide to choose someone else, you need to tell your boss how close you are to the person.

3. You Have an Appointment with Your Doctor

Looking for excuses to leave work early? Faking an illness usually works great, but is not for everyone, especially for those who are not good actors. Another rather simpler option would be to convince your boss that you have an appointment with your dentist. Tell them you cannot miss the appointment and they will understand. After all, they do not want you to fall ill and be off for several days.

4. You Need to Be at a Funeral

Tell your boss that a distant relative, old friend, ex-co-worker, or someone your father used to know has kicked the bucket and you need to be at the funeral. Use this excuse with care because many employers find it downright shoddy. Moreover, you may feel guilty when using this excuse, and if that is the case, give this one a pass and try something else.

5. Someone Broke into Your House

It is obvious that you cannot be at work when your personal safety is at stake, and that is the case when you say that your neighbors think that someone has broken into your house. When you get back to work, you could simply say that your neighbors made a mistake or you could say that they took a pipe repair guy as a burglar.

6. You Are Expecting a Baby

Your employer is not going to stop you from enjoying the moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time. You can even say that you were not expecting him/her to arrive this early, but your wife has called that she is rushing for the hospital and that it is time. This works great as a one-time excuse.

7. You Have to Be at the Court

One of many effective excuses to leave work early is to play a witness. Tell your boss that you have to be at the court to fulfill your civil duties. You may also tell them that you are asked to come to the Police station to share your story for the hit and run accident you witnessed recently. You can also say that your ex has filed a case against you and you need to be there to deal with those baseless accusations.

8. You Have Some Bank Work to Handle

It is one of the most common middle class problems of all times, and your boss is less likely to stop you from leaving early. Tell them that you have to be at the bank to manage your bank accounts. If you sound convincing enough, your employer might even give you a few tips on how to deal with the bank more efficiently.

9. You Need to Pick Up Your Parents

Say that your parents are coming from your hometown and you have to pick them up from the airport or the station. Tell your boss that your parents are so old that they cannot navigate their way to your home on their own. Your boss is likely to understand your problem and may even appreciate you for being a good child.

10. Your Children Need Help

Something that never fails is an excuse related to your children. Your boss cannot argue the fact that children can get into all sorts of accidents and need immediate attention. You can find several excuses here. You can say you have to help your kids who have locked themselves inside or outside the house. You can also say that you have to pick them up from school because your wife is ill, or you need to take your kid to the hospital.

11. You Need Some Time Off

While there certainly are excuses to leave work early, sometimes being honest is the best bet. You can simply go to your boss and say you are feeling zoned out and cannot focus on work now. You may say that you will compensate for the workout hours later. It may not always work, but it is certainly the most honest way to leave work early.

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