8 Great Facial Exercises That Help Lift Your Jowls

You may develop small pouches of flesh along the jawline as you grow old. These small pouches are called jowls that usually develop when the cheek muscles become weak. You need to do something to correct the issue, or your jaw will have an undefined loose appearance, which does not look good. While you may think of contacting a cosmetic surgeon for jowl liposuction or a facelift procedure, you can also try some facial exercises for jowls. Of course, you would not see immediate results, but you should stay persistent and exercise regularly to improve the appearance of the jaw. Let's find out what you can do in this regard.

Exercises to Try for Jowls

You can try a number of exercises to help tighten jowls. Since the underlying cause of this problem is weak cheek muscles, you need to try exercises to strengthen those muscles. Here are some recommendations.

1. Try Lion Pose

Yoga poses always help stretch and strengthen your muscles. You can try certain poses to target your facial muscles. While lion is a popular yoga pose, you do not need to assume the full pose when your goal is to strengthen the facial muscles only. You just need to perform the facial portion of the pose to see amazing results.

Get in a cross-legged pose and relax. Now, open your mouth and stretch your jaws as much as you can. Draw your tongue out while looking toward your eyebrows. Take deep breaths from your mouth and stay in this position for about 30 seconds. Do it twice.

2. Try Facial Yoga

You can also try facial yoga to help treat wrinkles and jowls. The "Satchmo" technique works amazingly well here because it helps tighten the muscles of your cheeks.

Sit in a comfortable position and breathe in through your nose. Keep your mouth closed and fill your mouth with as much air as you can. Now, try to move the air back and forth as if you are rinsing your mouth with air. Exhale and repeat.

3. Try Upper Jaw Exercise

One of many facial exercises for jowl involves your upper jaw. By strengthening your upper jaw, you will help lift your skin and tighten up your muscles to reduce the appearance of jowls.

Put your fingers on your cheeks. You have to press the point where the top and bottom jaw begins. You can find this point by opening and closing your mouth. Once you have found the spot, simply move your fingers making upward circles. By doing it regularly, you will be able to strengthen cheek muscle groups and fix any drooping skin around your jaw area.

4. Try the Chin-Slap Exercise

To reduce the appearance of jowls, you can also try the Chin-Slap facial exercise that works great to reduce fatty accumulation underneath your skin. This also helps improve blood circulation in your face and improves the overall skin quality.

Place the back of your hand against the lower part of your jaw. Now, slap up and down in a quick motion. Be sure to do it gently and keep moving your hand from one ear to the other, making sure you stimulate the entire jawline.

5. Pressed Lips Exercise

One of many facial exercises for jowls involves targeting those areas that may have accumulated some fatty tissues. By removing those fatty deposits, you can reduce the appearance of jowls.

Close your mouth and ensure that you press your lips together firmly. Do not let your lips to pout or purse. While keeping your mouth closed, place your index fingers on the corners of your mouth and move in circular motions. Make small circles up and down for 30 seconds. Do it a few times to get good results.

6. Try Nose Exercise

To lift your loose skin, you can also try some nose exercises. You have to pull your skin away from your nose to lift your loose skin up.

Get in a comfortable position and then slowly flare your nostrils. While doing it, try to wrinkle your nose as well. Place your index finger on each side of your nose while performing the movement. Apply some pressure with the help of your fingers to pull your skin away from your nose. Keep flaring your nostrils for a few seconds to get good results.

7. Try Eyelid Exercise

The idea is to stretch your skin and lift it up to reduce the appearance of jowls. By doing this exercise regularly, you will also be able to prevent sagging eyelids and puffy eyes.

Sit in a comfortable position and then lift your eyebrows. While lifting them up, you should try to close only the top half of your eyelids. Try to bring your top eyelid down as much as you can. You will feel a slight tremor while performing the movement, which is normal. Hold your eyelid in that position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the same with your other eye as well.

8. Try Forehead Exercise

By stretching your forehead and eyebrows, you can also lift your facial skin up and reduce the appearance of jowls. Here is how to perform the movement.

Place your fingers on your forehead in a way that they are parallel to your eyebrows. Now, arch your fingers to make them look like your eyebrows. While keeping your fingers on your forehead, firmly pull them downward. You should pull toward your face but push your eyebrows and forehead up. Feel the stretch for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.

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