Fastest and Easy Exercises to Lose Weight

Exercise routines, together with proper diet and complete rest, are essential for overall health. This is also a key factor in losing weight. The question now is how to start! Read on and learn the fastest way to lose weight through exercise. This includes the best routines which target your muscles, rev up your metabolism, and torch the calories in your body. 

The Fastest Weight Loss Exercises

Losing weight is best done with proper weight loss exercises. These routines can be done for a few minutes every day to achieve the best results. Prior to any workout, be sure to do thorough warm up to help increase your blood flow to the muscles. This will decrease the possible muscle stiffness and the risk of any injuries. Choose and combine the exercises that best fit you and your needs after watching the videos.

1.    Lunges

Lunges come in different variations. The most effective for weight loss is the plain jane forward. This works simultaneously with several types of your muscles including the hamstrings, glutes, and quads for the optimum burning of calories in your body.


2.    Burpees

Burpees effectively target your core, chest, and legs all at the same time. This exercise will let you feel the burn, giving leaner and stronger muscles.

3.    Explosive Lunges

Explosive lunges belong to high-intensity work-out category. This exercise routine will let you sweat and burn the major calories present in your system.

4.    Squats

Squats are known to be one of the best and fastest weight loss exercises. This involves engaging your core and entire lower parts of your body. It should be done correctly to get the best results.


5.    Double Jump

Double jumps are traditional squats combined with jump and lunge. This will increase your heart rate while burning calories in your abs, legs, and butt.


6.    Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber involves a quick leg movement that helps burn calories with or without the aid of resistance bands. This will target your butt, hamstrings, and oblique.

7.    Jump Rope

Jump rope is definitely more than just your middle school class activity. This is a total body toner that effectively aids in weight loss.


8.    Body-Weight Exercises

As one of the fastest weight loss exercises, body weight exercises offer a lot of benefits. This exercise gets your heart pumping and your muscles working. It tends to increase muscle mass by burning more calories even after work out.

9.    Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells involve the movement of your entire body to effectively lose weight. The exercise offers low impact yet high-intensity effect making it ideal for burning calories.

10.    Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks work to strengthen and tone your stomach. This helps in burning calories by reducing belly fats, making your workout more efficient.

11.    Crunches

Crunches help build endurance and power in the belly muscles by reducing the fats surrounding your stomach. This exercise elevates your metabolism leading to better burning of fats.

12.    Wall Sit

Wall sit exercises help in sculpting the lower abs, hips, thighs, and calves. This will also aid in losing belly fats by strengthening and toning your body, so it should be on our list of fastest weight loss exercises.  

After performing the routine, gradually help your heart rate and breathing return to the normal level through cool down exercises. This will provide your body a smooth transition from exercise to a steady state of rest.

Tips to Lose Weight You’d Better Know

Proper exercise routines play a great role in losing weight by burning calories and increasing the rate of metabolism. Other than performing these exercise routines, there are helpful tricks that can aid in weight loss. These are healthy ways that can whip your body and motivate you into a perfect shape.

  • Drink water. Water contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and little to no sodium. This makes it a perfect slimming down drink. It helps flush the excess water weight and improves metabolism. Addition of lemon or mint can be done to add flavor and taste to your drinking water. Avoid drinking energy drink, fruit smoothie, or light beer as these contain approximately 100 calories, high amounts of sodium and carbohydrates which can trigger water retention and puff out the body.
  • Have proper posture. Standing up straight can keep your spinal cord rigid and your shoulders back. This will suck in your belly towards the spine, leading to a slimmer and sleeker middle portion of the body.
  • Eat the right foods . Some foods are packed with nutrients that help build and tone the muscles. You can also add food sources that are rich in fiber to improve digestion and prevent bloating. Avoid eating foods that are easily digested as it may leave you hungry and crave for more. Try to include salmon, whole grain bread products, and vegetables in your diet. Add a little protein such as egg, especially for breakfast, to allow the brain to function properly.
  • Get more sleep. Add an extra half an hour to your night sleep. More rest and sleep will boost your metabolism. This will also help you regain more energy. Moreover, it will allow better judgment when it comes to your food choices and activities.

Follow these wholeheartedly and remember that each rep that you will make will bring you closer to your ultimate goal – to lose weight.