Top 13 Best Foods High in Calcium

Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is essential for your overall health. About 99% of your body's calcium goes into your teeth and bones, but, when required, your bones also release calcium into the bloodstream. Without enough calcium in the body, there will be issues related to blood clotting, optimal nerve transmission, muscle contraction, and hormone secretion. Therefore, it is important to eat calcium rich foods to avoid calcium deficiencies.

Foods High in Calcium

Many people rely on supplements to get enough calcium, but you do not need to do it to increase your intake of this essential mineral. You can find many foods packed with calcium to lower your chances of experiencing a calcium deficiency. Here are some options to consider:

1. Cheese

While you get calcium from most cheeses, go for parmesan cheese to get the most. An ounce of parmesan cheese provides you with 331mg of calcium. You do not get much from softer cheeses though. Still, an ounce of brie contains 52mg of calcium. The good thing about cheeses or dairy products is that your body can absorb that calcium quickly. Moreover, you also get loads of protein from most kinds of cheese and dairy products.

2. White Beans

A 1-cup serving of canned white beans provides you with 191mg of calcium. You can easily add them to your pasta dishes with vegetables or use them to make your own hummus. This is only going to make them tastier and healthier.

3. Canned Salmon

Canned salmon has to be on the list of foods high in calcium because a half-can serving provides you with 232mg of calcium. Keep in mind that bones in the canned salmon have the highest content of calcium. Therefore, it is important that you mash them up with the salmon meat to enjoy the benefits. The good thing with using canned salmon is that the bones in there will be soft and break apart easily.

4. Sardines

Just like canned salmon, you can also include sardines in your diet and increase your intake of calcium. Opt for a can of bone-in sardines and you will get as much as 888mg of calcium.

5. Tofu

Tofu is yet another interesting choice for people interested in increasing their intake of calcium. Having a serving of tofu is quite the same as having a glass of milk – you get equal amount of calcium.

6. Soymilk

An interesting way to add more calcium to your diet is to opt for calcium-fortified soymilk. This provides you with as much calcium as you get from milk. Be sure to check the label carefully and look for calcium carbonate to ensure you get good results. You may not get the same results from products fortified with tri-calcium phosphate.

7. Black-Eyed Peas

With 185mg of calcium in a half-cup serving, black-eyed peas are also among foods high in calcium. At the same time, you get loads of folate, potassium, and other essential nutrients. Instead of going with that fat-filled mayo, you will be better off whipping up a black-eyed peas spread to make your sandwich taste better.

8. Dried Figs

If you eat 8 whole dried figs, you will get 107mg of calcium, which equals 10% of your recommended daily intake of this mineral. The good thing is that dried figs also provide you with fiber, antioxidant, and calcium. They serve great as a mid-day snack or you can find many recipes to turn dried figs into a creamy jam.

9. Black Molasses

Going for blackstrap molasses is one of the best ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. With its richer flavor and darker color, it goes well in many recipes. A tablespoon of it contains 172mg of calcium. The same serving provides you with iron and other vitamins. You can use it to make brown sugar or simply add it to pancakes.

10. Almonds

If you do not already have almonds in your diet, you should start eating them from today. A 1/4-cup serving of dry roasted almonds has about 72mg of calcium. Moreover, you get loads of vitamin-E, potassium, and iron from these nuts. You can use them to make your own almond butter or simply sprinkle on your salads. They are high in calories, so eat in moderation.

11. Turnip Greens

Looking for foods high in calcium? You get 197mg of calcium from a cup of cooked turnip greens. This veggie comes from turnip bulbs and is packed with antioxidants, calcium, and folate. Regular consumption may help improve mood as well. You can make a turnip tart or simply enjoy turnip greens as a side dish.

12. Yogurt

Packed with good bacteria, yogurt is also a great source of calcium. From a cup of yogurt, you get 30% of your recommended daily intake of calcium. It also provides you with phosphorus, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and potassium. If you opt for low-fat yogurt, you will get more calcium. A cup of low-fat yogurt provides you with 45% of your RDI of calcium. You can also opt for Greek yogurt, but keep in mind that it contains less calcium and more protein. Include yogurt in your diet to improve your digestive system and overall health.

13. Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens provide you with essential nutrients and play a big role in maintaining good health. They also provide you with loads of calcium. You can include lambs quarters, collard greens, kale, and spinach in your diet to get more calcium. A cup of cooked collard greens offers you 266mg of calcium. It is important to note that some green leafy veggies, such as spinach are high in oxalates that bind to calcium and make less of it available to your body. So, consider going for low-oxalate greens, such as collard greens and kale. 

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