How to Resist Sexual Temptation

Statistics show that middle aged and teenagers are most prone to sexual temptation. Those raging hormones and the development of sexual characteristics usually determine how teenagers react to the opposite sex. However, experts are of the view that it is your choice whether or not fall into sexual temptation. You can overcome it if you know the right way to resist sexual temptation. You just have to be resilient and handle things right to be able to have full control of your sexual feeling. Let's find out what you can do in this regard.

Ways to Resist Sexual Temptation

There are people who want to save themselves for marriage and are very much interested in knowing how to resist sexual temptation. Here are several ways to help.

1. Try Not to Be Alone

When you are alone, it is quite common to have sexual thoughts in your mind. You cannot be productive when you are sitting there alone. In fact, you are likely to think about that beautiful girl/boy that you saw the other day. Within a few moments, you will start undressing that person in your mind and things will soon escalate to another level. To avoid dealing with all the hassle, you should just do something to be around other people and avoid sitting alone.

2. Stay Away from Pornography

You are only going to make things worse by watching pornographic movies. They will strengthen your desire for sex. To avoid that urge, you simply need to stay away from pornography and know that they are only made for people who would want to know how to engage in sexual activities. You do not want to know it, as you are not in a relationship yet, so there is really no need to watch those movies either.

3. Do Not Engage in Sexual Conversations

It is quite common for teenagers to be in a group of friends and laugh over suggestive jokes. You may want to avoid such discussions and groups if you want to learn how to resist sexual temptation. You may not feel much while hearing those jokes but they will cross your mind when you are alone. Do not feel surprised if you feel an urge to experiment those jokes by yourself.

4. Change Your Way of Looking at Others

What it means is that you have to understand that someone who is wearing skimpy clothes is doing it because they like it and not because they are trying to seduce you. It is important to change your thinking and understand that others are not making choices for your sexual benefit or enjoyment. If there is someone with tempting clothes sitting next to you, simply move to another seat if you feel uncomfortable or find it difficult to manage your impulsive thoughts.

5. Do Not Take Sexual Escapades Too Seriously

It is better to avoid sitting in the company of friends who always talk about their sexual escapades. If you cannot do it, you should at least control your emotions while listening to those stories. Most of the times, they are just stories, nothing more. Do not take things seriously. You should also not try to react when your friends mock you for being a virgin. It is your choice to be that way, so no one can push you in a different direction. If you believe that sex outside of marriage is a sin, just stick to that thought and let no one influence your decision.

6. Use Social Media Carefully

Being on social networks has many benefits, but you also need to consider the pitfalls to be on the safer side. It is possible to meet new people or someone you knew in the high school and start having those sexual thoughts in your mind. Ensure that you do not use social media for such things or you will never realize when things go out of hand.

7. Know the Consequences

One good way to learn how to resist sexual temptation is to always consider the consequences of making any move. If you are married, understand that making any move outside of marriage can cause serious problems. You may even end up taking couples therapy sessions. Even worse, you may contract a sexually transmitted disease while engaging in sexual activities with someone you do not know. Think about all things that could go wrong to keep yourself from making a move.

8. Value Your Marital Relationship

When you are married, you can always invest in making your relationship more satisfying. You should practice sexual intimacy, which will keep you from thinking about anyone else. You can try many things to reignite the spark in your relationship. Having date nights, improving communication, and making thoughtful gestures can always make things a lot more intimate and keep you from thinking about anything out of your relationship.

9. Avoid Tempting Situations

Even if you think you have full control over your mind and no one can seduce you, it is still better to avoid being in that situation. Make every effort to avoid being alone with someone who is the center of your lustful desires. If you really have to meet with that person, meet in a public place. Never put yourself in situations where there is a remote possibility of your desires to take over your sanity.

10. Use Your Passion

Wanna know how to resist sexual temptation? Just find something to do. Interestingly, sexual lust not always has something to do with sex. In fact, it is more about releasing the deep passion you have inside of you. You can avoid sexual temptation if you could somehow direct that passion in positive directions. Look for hobbies that would help release your pent-up energy. Consider volunteering at a homeless shelter or coaching a sports team. You can even mentor troubled individuals. These things would keep you occupied and give you a sense of satisfaction as well, which will keep you from walking the path that leads lust and sex.