How to Sleep with a Snorer

Most people think that snoring is not a significant problem socially, yet, it can be a real pain in many marriages. Besides, snoring is associated with higher risks of developing a heart attack and stroke. A person who snores is more likely to be irritable, drowsy, suffer from sleep apnea and low libido. If your partner snores a lot, he or she should see a sleep disorder specialist for assistance. Before the snoring is cured, here are ways to manage the situation. 


How to Sleep with a Snorer

1. Try White Noise

White noise has a wide wavelength range to eclipse or envelope the snoring sounds. This way, your partner’s snoring is less apparent and you will sleep easier. You can buy a white noise generating machine or download white noise apps online. White noise may include sounds from nature or machines. You can also use a fan or even a computer monitor as a source of white noise. Simply place the fan or monitor near the bed and switch it on to produce the more gentle and steady sound that is less distracting than snoring.

2. Listen to Music

You can drown the snoring by listening to cool music on a set of earphones or headphones. Pick a particular type of music that makes you feel relaxing. Another tip on how to sleep with a snorer is to download sleeping apps that generate beats and gentle sounds that help you to sleep. Buy headphones that are comfortable for you. 

3. Use Earplugs

You can also use earplugs to muffle your partner’s snoring sounds. The best option is to get custom made earplugs that perfectly fit into your ear. You can get these from an audiologist. However, if you don’t have immediate access to an audiologist, you can make your own temporary earplugs using clean, soft material such as foam or fabric. Roll the material so it fits in your ear, leaving a tail by which you can pull it out.

4. Roll the Snorer Over

People snore more when they sleep on their back. Gently roll your partner over to the side. This will reduce or even stop the snoring. You can also put some pillows against your partner’s back so that they don’t get back on their back. You could also try another trick on how to sleep with a snorer, by tying or taping a tennis ball on the back of the snorer to make it uncomfortable to sleep on the back. If you think a stuffy nose may be the cause of snoring, wake your partner and have him or her clear the nose.

5. Adjust Your Attitude

Look at the snoring differently. For instance, instead of getting annoyed by the snoring sound, imagine that it is your partner’s normal breathing. By adjusting your attitude together, the problem will be a lot easier to deal with. 

6. Try Marital Counseling

If your partner is not taking any action to deal with the snoring problem which disturbs you seriously, seek marital counseling. When snoring goes unattended for too long, it can lead to tension between partners. It also increases risk of other medical conditions.

7. Sleep in a Separate Room

If you are still wondering how to sleep with a snorer and the snoring is seriously getting on your nerves, consider sleeping in a separate room. Many people whose partners snore, sleep better in a separate room. You can discuss with your partner and come up with an amicable arrangement so that you still enjoy your intimacy and you get refreshing sleep. 

8. Urge the Snorer to Make Lifestyle Changes

  • Lose Weight

Encourage your partner to work on losing weight if he or she is overweight. Excess fat can put to pressure on the airways. This interferes with airflow, and worsens snoring. It has been found that men who wear size 17+ shirts have a snoring problem due to the excess weight.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Whether your partner is fond of wine, beer or whisky, it could be causing or worsening the snoring. Alcohol can relax the throat muscles, leading to narrowed airways. By cutting down alcohol intake and increasing the time between the last drink and bedtime, it is possible to reduce the snoring.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking contributes to inflammation and when this happens in the throat, it leads to narrowed airways and ultimately to snoring. If your partner is a smoker, encourage him or her to quit for better overall health and as a way to reduce snoring.

  • Go to the Gym

Exercise is not only effective on reducing the belly fat, but also works on loose neck muscles. Exercising the neck muscles is another tip on how to sleep with a snorer. It tones the muscles so that the airway is clear, creating a more efficient conduit for breath.