Importance of Bathing

Bathing is a part of human lives, and different countries have different bathing traditions. Some cultures enjoy bathing in cold water, while Roman people love baths so much that they have designed big bathing facilities with under-floor heaters to keep the water warm. Many people love it because they feel comfortable and relaxed while bathing. Actually, there are many other benefits related with bathing.

The Importance of Bathing

1. It Can Improve Our Blood Circulation

When you put your body in hot water, you are working out your blood vessels. The water puts pressure on your body, therefore the amount of blood flowing to your heart will be increased, which means that your heart will work stronger and faster. So a hot water bath is just like a light exercise which can improve our blood circulation.

2. It Can Help Us Fall Asleep

The hot water helps your body relax, thus allowing you to fall asleep easier. The heat from the water will relax your muscles and increase your body temperature. When your muscles are relaxed, your mind also becomes more relaxed. This is why it is best to take a bath at the end of a long stressful day. Be sure to limit your bath to no longer than 20 minutes.

3. It Helps Clean the Skin Thoroughly

What is the importance of bathing? A bath is able to open up your pores, which helps get rid of the dirt and other toxins that are trapped inside, giving you a fresher and cleaner skin. You'd better take a shower first to get rid of the dirt on the surface of your skin before taking a bath. 

4. It Helps Reduce Headaches

If you have a headache, it can be most likely caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels in your head. While you are taking bath, the hot water can lower the pressure on those blood vessels, which can help alleviate the headache.

5. It Boosts Immune System

A bath with cold water is also beneficial. The cold water is able to stimulate your lymph and vascular system, so your body can produce more immune cells that will fight against infections, which will lower your chances of becoming sick.

6. It Helps Treat Depression

The importance of bathing can be seen from many aspects. If you have depression, you will benefit from a cold bath. The cold water can stimulate your nervous system, therefore the beta-endorphin and noradrenaline in your blood stream will increase, which can help reduce your depression. Besides, the cold bath can also send electrical impulses to your brain, acting as an antidepressant.

7. It Helps Reduce Stress

When you feel stressed, taking a hot water bath can help eliminate your stress and tension. Cortisol and chromogranin are two stress markers, and they will be reduced after 60 minutes in a hot bath.

8. It Removes Toxins

No matter how much talcum powder and deodorant you wear, you can still sweat a lot, probably more than you realize. Sweating is your body's way to eliminate toxins and wastes out of your body, a bathing can help to wash off those toxins. Besides, taking a bath will also kill bacteria and viruses on your skin, which can help to reduce the risk of getting infections.

9. It Improves Lung Function

When you are taking a cold bath, you will take big and deep breaths. This is because when your body gets contact with the cold water, you tend to hold the breath for a few seconds before exhaling, and this is an automatic reflex of your body which can help improve the lung's function.

10. It Relieves Muscle Pain

A hot bath is like a hot pack, which can increase the temperature of your aching muscle and block the pain sensors, therefore it can relieve the muscle pain. A cold bath can help constrict the blood vessels and drain the lactic acid which is the main culprit for an aching muscle out of the affected area. When you come out of the bath, new blood without lactic acid will flow to the affected area, making the muscles recover fast.

11. It Helps with Cold

You have to know the importance of bathing as it can provide you with so many benefits. If you suffer from a cold or flu with an inflamed throat and a delicate nasal, a hot bath can help. The steam from the hot bath will soothe your nasal and throat, providing you with relief. Besides, the steam can also help decongest your nasal cavities, which makes you breathe easier.

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