Signs of High Intelligence You Need to Know

It is proved that there are something in common among geniuses, for example, many of them have similar peculiar behaviors. What else can indicate that you or your friends have very high intelligence? Read the following list and you may find that you are just a genius!

Signs of High Intelligence

1. You Are a Night Owl

Researchers have found out that people who work efficiently at night have a higher intelligence than the early birds. People with high intelligence just like to work during night time. When others are sleeping, they can read a book or learn an instrument. Many things can be finished during night, which may be a surprise to other people.

2. You Are the Dumb Type

Whether you call them introverts or socially awkward, the duff kids in your class or the silent friend are more likely to score higher in intelligence tests. This is because smart people are generally more aware of the fact that they could be wrong, and therefore keep dumb to assess the situation. They won't speak until they find a perfect response. And, if there is nothing more to add, they just keep quiet to avoid a pointless conversation.

3. You Can Deal with Your Own Problems

Fairly intelligent people face up to their own problems. They will never be brought down by difficulties and always can find a way to solve them. When problems arise, they can handle these problems easily before things get out of control. Actually, people with high intelligence welcome challenges.

4. Smart and Creative People Are Around You

When it comes to signs of high intelligence, you should take a look at people around you. As the proverb says, birds of the same feather flock together. Smart people also want to hang out with people like them. If you find yourself always enjoying the company of people who are regarded as smart and creative, then you must be an intelligent person.

5. You Are Perfectionists

If you are one of those people who try to do everything in an excellent manner, you could score high in intelligence levels. Geniuses are always up to achieve improvements, commanding everything from cooking to speech to be prefect.

 6. You Are a Self-Critic

Another sign of high intelligence is that you are constantly hard on yourself. When you make a mistake, you always accept your fault and are not afraid to be criticized. The ability to recognize the faults and the willingness to correct those problems can indicate that you are an intelligent person.

7. You Always Want More Information

High intelligent people love to read newspapers, news blogs, educational materials and everything else that will keep them informed. They are not choosy on the information but will generally yearn for information in all areas. They care about everything in the world. For them, they can learn from the information and improve themselves step by step.

8. You Are Always Busy with Some Projects

If you want to know signs of high intelligence, you must understand that intelligent people will never feel boring. They often have more than one project to work on. These projects are not compulsory school or work assignments but are some self-assigned tasks such as learning a new language, taking dancing classes or learning horse riding skills. Intelligent people always make full use of their free time.

9. You Do Not Think You Are Smarter than Others

While people with low competence consider themselves as the smartest among their friends and peers, people with high intelligence always think they are just like everyone else around them. They know a lot, therefore they can realize that there is space to improve and they are not satisfied with their current knowledge.

10. You Are Left-Handed

We can see that many famous and intelligent people are left-handed. Researches have shown that lefties tend to have superior divergent thinking which is linked to high intelligence levels. Usually, the left side of the brain will control the right side of the body, and vice versa. Therefore left handed people are able to equally use their both sides of the brain, so they can interpret information faster and more effectively.

11. You Always Doodle

Signs of high intelligence can often be observed in your daily life. If you find yourself constantly expressing your points and ideas in pictorial form, you might just be a genius. Geniuses have the tendency to put down ideas in an easily comprehendible form such as through doodles.

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