Weird Dreams During Pregnancy

Women expect physical changes when they are pregnant, but are often caught off guard when they experience mental changes like weird dreams. The physical and mental changes you are going through cause fluctuations in your sleep patterns and hormone levels as well as varying discomfort. The deviations from your norm make a significant impact on your emotional and psychological state. With so much going on with your body and mind, is it really a surprise your dreams might change too?

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Do Weird Dreams Indicate Something Wrong with the Baby?

Weird dreams during pregnancy are totally normal. As your due date draws closer, they can become more realistic and scary. Experts agree dreams can be an outlet for your subconscious, a way to release fears about motherhood. 

Feelings about being pregnant and becoming a mother can get bottled up inside. One day you might be excited about this new chapter in your life, while the next day you may be terrified about the pending changes. These feelings even range from one woman to another. Some women embrace the changes in their bodies and appearance, but others worry about fitting back into their old clothes. When dreaming, you have a way to release all the thoughts that consume your day.

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Why do They Occur?

A normal night includes several levels of sleep. You feel drowsy at first and then cycle between light, REM (rapid eye movement) and deep sleep. You dream the most during REM sleep. Afterwards, you slip into deep sleep before going into REM again and back up to light sleep, only to repeat the cycle again.

When you are pregnant, sleep is often interrupted by discomforts that accompany your condition like late night bathroom visits, leg cramps and indigestion. Because of this, it is hard for you to reach your deep sleep cycle. You wake in a state in which you can remember your dreams and this makes them seem more intense and vivid.

Weird dreams during pregnancy can also be caused by fluctuating hormones. These changes can cause you to be more emotional while awake or asleep. This will cause your dreams to be more realistic.

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What do They Mean?

Weird dreams during pregnancy can be related to all types of feelings and fears. For example, if you dream about losing your baby, you might be scared of your new responsibilities as a mother. Dreams about being trapped in a room might mean you are worried about losing your freedom. The diverse concerns of pregnancy are imitated in many different ways through your subconscious. Here are some of those concerns and how they are reflected in dreams:

  • Fear of Motherhood – forgetting to turn the stove off or locking the door.
  • Vulnerability – intruders or being attacked by an animal.
  • Loss of Freedom – being trapped in a closet, car or any small space.
  • Changes in Appearance – spouse or partner cheating on you.
  • Sexuality Concerns – negative or positive sexual behavior.
  • Controlling Weight – overeating, restricting calories or worrying about baby not gaining enough weight.
  • Bonding Old and New Generations – dreams including parents or grandparents that have passed away.
  • Baby's Sex – color of baby's eyes, skin and hair.
  • Bonding with Baby – caring and cuddling with baby before it is born.
  • Fear of Labor – labor pains.
  • Anxiety about Parenthood – misplacing newborn or baby being in danger.
  • Dress Rehearsal to Motherhood – giving birth to and caring for cute animals like bunny rabbits or squirrels.
  • Losing Control at Work – all of your teeth crumbling or falling out.
  • Importance for Motherhood – schmoozing with famous people.Dreaming women in red sheets

What to Do About It?

While it is impossible to eliminate weird dreams during pregnancy in their entirety, there are things you can do to make them more manageable. The first step is to determine what is causing your dreams in the first place. If sleep disturbances are interrupting your sleep, you may find relief by sticking to a consistent schedule or trying out different sleeping positions.

However, if your dreams are causing you stress and worry, you might want to consider keeping a dream journal next to your bed. Write down your dreams when you're awake. This will help you decipher what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Once you get a feel of what is truly bothering you, you can work towards finding ways to relieve your fears and worries.

Sometimes weird dreams during pregnancy are so vivid and disturbing that they are considered nightmares. If you cannot get any rest because staying asleep is too hard, you may want to talk to a friend or even a therapist. Sometimes talking out your concerns can help address your fears and help lessen the intensity of your dreams.

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