What to Do on a Sunday

Ah, Sundays. Such a blessing for us, aren’t they? While most of people spend this time sleeping or simply lazing around the house on this super special day, there are some that would like to be more productive. That’s because Sunday is the one day that people can actually devote to getting what they want done. So, what you can do on Sundays to make your weekends better?

What to Do on a Sunday

Don’t worry, we have your back! Here’s a list of tasks, ranging from mundane to super important ones, and you can pick one that appeal the most to you!

1. Take a long, long, looooong bath

Go all out. Light scented candles, pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the tub, lather up the bubble bath, get yourself a drink, play your favorite songs in the background, and tune everything else out. Let the water engulf you and let happy thoughts consume you. Remain in that tub till every ache in every part of your body has simply floated away.

2. Take care of your plants

There’s really a lot more to your plants than just watering them, you know? You have to get rid of old leaves, weed out the weeds, add fertilizer and even let them sit out in the sun for a couple of hours every week. Sunshine is as essential to their growth as it is to ours!

3. Prepare your meals in advance

Sometimes, shit happens that’s out of your control, and you’re struggling to get even the most basic jobs done. So why not take care of them in advance? Have a huge meal on Sunday so that you can eat leftovers on Monday. You can also zip lock food items together, so that you don’t have to spend time searching and clubbing them with each other on the day of their preparation. In fact, it is safe to say that preparing your meals in advance is one of the best answers to the question what to do on a Sunday.

4. Create a new tradition

Now this tradition can be something you do with friends like hanging out at each other’s house, with family like visiting a relative or with flat-mates like having one meal together or simply something you’d do by yourself like going to the theatre to enjoy any movie screening there. Either way, start a routine; routines are comforting and who doesn’t like a little comforting in life, right?

5. Read long articles

Remember all those articles that you save or bookmark with every intention of reading, but never actually getting around to reading them? Well, Sunday’s the day when you should sit down and spend an hour or so covering all those articles.

6. Get rid of expired food items

Open your fridge and check the expiry date of everything you have in there. If there’s something that has expired, throw it. If something is nearing its expiry date, either consume it or keep it aside so that you can hand it over to a homeless person. Waste not, want not!

7. Get rid of expired medicines

Same rules as above. And while you’re at it, go to the nearest store to replenish your medical kit as well!

8. Arrange your closet

Yes, we all have a huge pile of clothes lying on a chair nearby that we want to put in the closet, but never do. So, what to do on a Sunday? Simple! Arrange your clothes in your closet, fold them neatly and organize the clothes that you wear to work or college, so that you don’t have to make the decision of which pants to wear with which shirt in the morning!

9. Make a to-do list

You know all those tasks that you remember at the most random times of the day and then you forget the very next moment? Yeah, now is the time to sit down and really think of all the work that you have to get done. Paying your bills, preparing your food, purchasing a new bulb, refueling your car, getting new stationery, buying more soap – write down every insignificant thing you can think of. And then get that list of chores done!

10. Wash cloths that aren’t your clothes

Now these include items like towels, bedcovers, bed sheets, pillow cases, cushion covers, curtains, cloth bags and pretty much anything else you can think of. Put them all in your washing machine and give them a good rinse. In fact, when it comes to your towels, make sure you wash them every week. Unless, you want them to be crawling with bacteria.

11. Create a new playlist

Because why not? Create a playlist for when you’re working out, cleaning your home, working, relaxing, reading a book…. Whatever! Make lots of playlists now so that you don’t have to bother with creating them at a later date.

12. Clean out your purse or bag

Every woman’s purse is a black hole that contains everything from old receipts to nuclear weapons. So get out all your bags and give them a good cleaning. Throw out all unnecessary items, collect all the loose change and if possible, throw them in the washing machine (the ones that are machine safe) and give them a good whirl! If you’re still thinking about what to do on a Sunday, well, don’t think. Act!

13. Get outside

I mean yes, you go outside on a daily basis because of your school, college or job. But when was the last time you went out just to enjoy the view? Or to simply take a walk around the block, observing people, eating an ice cream or just listening to music?

Going out will not only be a change of pace for you, but also will instantly lift your moods and spirit. Not to mention the fact that sitting outside and being exposed to the sun’s rays will increase your body’s vitamin D levels.

14. Classify your trash for pick-up day

I mean sure, you can do this on a weekday where you have 1000 other things to do…or you can do this on a Sunday, where you literally have nothing better to do.

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