Barley Water Benefits

There isn't usually much talk about barley and it definitely needs more publicity. Barley is one of nature's superfoods and packed full of B complex vitamins and minerals. With high content of iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, you just can't go wrong sipping on it as a beverage to enjoy barley water benefits like obtaining extra protein, fiber and anti-oxidants that help cleanse the body of free-radicals. Continue for details about how to make barley water on your own and what benefits to enjoy.

Simple Steps to Make Barley Water

Barley water works well for people who have digestion trouble. It is very easily absorbed into the system and helps metabolize fat and build healthy bones. Here is how to make barley water:

What You Need



Barley four/cracked barley

2 tablespoons


4 cups



2 pinches

How to Do

First, you need to mix all the materials in a pot and cook for 15 minutes until very well cooked. Strain well in a fine metal strainer or use a coffee filter. If you use cooked cracked barley, it is recommended to thoroughly blend the mixture in a blender before you strain it. Use these additions according to body type:

  • Small build, thin frame (Vata): Add the mixture with 1/8 tsp. whole cumin during cooking.
  • Muscular build, medium frame (Pitta): Add the mixture with 1/8 tsp. fennel during cooking.
  • Tends to be heavy, large frame (Kapha): Add the mixture with 2 thin slices of ginger during cooking

Top 10 Barley Water Benefits You Should Not Miss

1. Improve Skin and Hair Health

Barley water contains vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. It reduces inflammation and protects the skin from the environment. Barley water benefits the skin by keeping it elastic and toned. It slows down the aging process and helps your skin heal faster from wounds. You can drink barley water to improve skin health from the inside out. You can also make a paste with barley and water, and rub it onto wounds to help them heal faster.

Your hair benefits from barley water with increased refreshed and natural hair color. This is due to high levels of copper that increases production of melanin, which pigments your hair color. It also increases hair growth because of the niacin and thiamin.

2. Remedy for Urinary Tract Infections

Barley water is a natural diuretic and can help flush out urinary tract toxins and bacteria. It cleanses the kidneys and is a helpful anti-inflammatory to help relieve pain. It may even help dissolve and flush out kidney stones. You can just keep drinking barley water throughout the day until the infection goes away.

3. Help with Diabetes Control

Barley water benefits diabetes as well. There are beta-glucans in barley water that help with diabetic control. Beta-glucans help slow the burn of glucose after eating and stabilize insulin levels. Even better, barley is a low-glycemic food. You can drink barley water as a snack or with your meals two to three times daily to help your body use glucose from your meals more efficiently.

4. Help Digestion

The alkalinity in barley water, plus fiber helps digestion and improves intestinal function. Barley water can also help to balance electrolyte levels and replenish fluids after diarrhea and/or dehydration. Drink barley water before meals, and throughout the day to help you digest and absorb food better.

5. Improve Heart Health

Barley water benefits include helping to lower the cholesterol levels and reduce any thickening of the arteries. It is also high in niacin that is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation on the arterial walls. To improve the function of your heart, drink a glass of barley water daily.

6. Help Weight Loss

Fiber is important to weight loss. Barley water is high in fiber and can help you feel full longer. It also speeds up the fat burn process by increasing your metabolism. To get the full effects, drink at least 3 cups a day.

7. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

The insoluble fiber in barley water helps pull cholesterol levels down. And the beta-glucans also works to reduce your body's absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. Sip on barley water when you are eating high fat foods, or drink a few glasses each day to help control cholesterol.

8. Improve Immune System

There are large amounts of vitamin C, copper, iron and manganese in barley water. Barley water benefits the immune system by reducing blood sugar levels to prevent the growth of yeast in the body and improve immunity to yeast and other diseases. It can also reduce symptoms of pregnancy like swelling, hemorrhoids, constipation, and morning sickness.

9. Keep the Body Cool

In warmer climates, barley water is consumed to keep the body cool. When you feel hot, try drinking a glass of cool barley water, which is a better way to cool the body quickly than drinking sodas. Also, you can alternate glasses of barley water with regular water when you are in the heat for extended periods of time.

10. Boost Bone Health

Barley water is high in copper, calciumand phosphorus, which helps with bone health. The high levels of manganese can also help to build healthy bone tissue. Drink barley water a few times daily to build healthy and strong bones.

Warning: Even though barley water is an all-natural remedy, there are a few things to watch out for:

  • Drinking too much can cause irritation to the stomach and diarrhea. Additionally, if you have intolerance to gluten, barley water isn't recommended because it is high in gluten and may cause a reaction.
  • In normal and healthy individuals, side-effects from barley water are very rare and can be safely consumed by both children and adults. Always check with your physician before using barley water to be safe.
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