Does Sex Hurt the First Time?

When you have vaginal sex for the very first time, you break your hymen, which may lead to pain and bleeding. It is natural and normal. Here we try to figure out the question: does sex hurt the first time? Some women experience quite a lot pain, while others do not experience too much pain of it.Keep reading to learn more about the first time sex.

Does Sex Hurt the First Time?

If you are having vaginal sex, for women, it hurts for the first time sex. For men, usually it won't hurt. Yet, being a good partner, practicing good foreplay helps your partner enjoy a less painful first time sex. A little bleeding can be expected due to the broken hymen, but some women may have their hymen broken without being aware of it before their first sex. As for how much pain you feel, it will depend on several factors.

For first-time anal sex, it can be quite painful for both men and women. A little bleeding can be expected. You can however do a few things to make it less painful, like using plenty of water-based lubrication and penetrating as slowly as possible. Inserting a finger first can help relax rectal muscles.

Here is a video better illustrating and answering the question—does sex hurt the first time?

How to Make First Time Sex Less Painful

It is true that you will feel discomfort during your very first vaginal sex, but certain things can be done to make things easier.

1. Visit a Drugstore Before Sex

Before you have the first time sex, you can go to the drugstore and buy a few things first. Condoms should be included into your shopping list if you do not want to deal with unwanted pregnancy, which also helps prevent sexually transmitted infections. Even if you are taking the pill, be sure to use condom for added protection. Just opt for the basic ones to avoid any complications.

Get a silicone/water-based lubricant to make your first vaginal intercourse less painful. The use of lube will prevent vaginal tearing and make it less painful. It is important to avoid using an oil-based lubricant because it has the tendency to tear the condom and you really do not want this to happen while you are in the middle of the act.

2. Find a Stress-Free Location

Just choose a place that won't make you feel too much stress. Just try to look for private and comfortable places where you could lie down comfortable. You cannot have fun and will make it more painful if you constantly have to worry about something surrounding you. It is important to take your time and look for a stress-free location before you get into the act.

3. Get in a Relaxing Mood

Does sex hurt the first time? Yes, and it may hurt much more if you are under stress. The more stressed you are, the higher the chances of you experiencing more pain during the intercourse. Turn off your phone and get rid of anything that makes you feel nervous. You just need to focus on your partner. To set the mood, try some soft music, dim the lights and set your room temperature to a comfortable level to feel relaxed and safe. Also, take a quick shower before the act to relax your nerves and get ready to deal with the excitement that awaits you.

4. Take Your Time

You should never take sex as a sprint, instead, take it as a marathon. Never rush into things. Take more time before you engage in vaginal sex. Spend enough time in foreplay, and pay attention to what your partner likes.

5. Communicate with Your Partner

Never hesitate to ask what makes you feel good at a particular time.If you want him to move gently, slow down a bit, or use more lubrication, just tell him. Ask him to make adjustments accordingly to help it make less painful for the first time. Tell him what makes you feel good during the act, which helps you understand each other better.Both of you can make work to make sex a more intimate and enjoyable experience.

6. Do Some Aftercare

If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable after your first sex session, it is okay to try an OTC pain reliever to reduce the discomfort, but remember to avoid aspirin if you are under age 19. Wear a light pad for some time if you are experiencing bleeding.

7. Easy Ways to Make Sex More Pleasurable

Many women concentrate a lot on the question: Does sex hurt the first time? Actually, things will feel better if you try certain tips to make it pleasurable and focus on that.

  • Ask him to pay some attention to your clitoris. Penetration feels good, but that is not the only thing you will like during sex. Your clitoris has so many nerve endings, so any stimulation will help you reach your orgasm easily. You may feel even better if your partner does not mind licking your clitoris during foreplay.
  • It's ok to stop if you are experience pain. Feel free to experiment and tell your partner what feels good and what does not. Never ignore what your body is trying to say by sending pain signals. Ask him to stop penetrating if that feels painful. Take a short break or continue with foreplay. It is a good idea to do it in a position where you take charge of things and decide how much to take in.

Figure Out Myths About First Time Sex

Along with the frequently asked question: does sex hurt the first time, there are many other questions and myths associated with first-time sex.

Myth 1: You Will Not Get STDs as Well as Pregnant for First Time Sex

Do not believe the myth. Be sure to use protection when it is your first sexual encounter. You can become pregnant and contract STIs or STDs if you do not practice a safe sex. Do not automatically think that the use of condoms will make it less enjoyable. It will definitely make it safer.

Myth 2: The First Time Is Always the Best and Perfect

Again, that is not the case. Movies have played a big role in making this myth popular. You should not have unrealistic expectations when you are going to have it for the first time. Do not feel bad if the first time has not proved perfect. Try it again with more passion and intimacy. You will love it more then.

Myth 3: What Happens After I Have Sex?

You will have mixed feelings after you have your first sexual encounter. You will be on an emotional roller coaster for some time. It may feel great but you may also feel confusing. You may even feel guilty and worried. It is all natural. Be sure to communicate with your partner and share all your worries and concerns with them to feel better.

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