12 Female Erogenous Zones You May Not Know

There are obvious parts of the human anatomy linked to sexual pleasure. Turning on a woman does not have to be limited to areas below the belt. There are other parts that have a large concentration of nerve endings, making them sensitive to touch and vibration. The female erogenous zones contribute to sexual pleasure and might as well be the map to the happy ending you have been seeking.

What Are Female Erogenous Zones?

1. Scalp

If you have ever had a scalp massage, then you have felt the tingles that run from your head to your toes. This is so because of the thousands of sensitive nerve endings on your head. By stimulating the head, you release feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. Blood flow will increase to the rest of the body as well as the brain. During foreplay, gently slide your fingers in her hair and massage the scalp with your fingertips from the base going upwards to the forehead.

2. Ears

Despite the fact that the ears have millions of nerve endings, they are generally ignored. Not everyone is comfortable with complete tongue-ear penetration, so it is wise to start slowly and work towards full contact with the ear. You can start by tracing the shape of the ear using your tongue or fingers. Kiss the earlobe and hold it in your mouth lightly and use your lips for massage. If she is comfortable with this, you can now suck or nibble the lobe. If you can do the two simultaneously and still work your tongue to the center of the ear, the better.

3. Lips

Lips are way more sensitive compared to our fingertips and are the most exposed of the female erogenous zones. A light touch is capable of stimulating the release of millions of hormones that in turn affect the lady parts as well as emotions. Kissing is the best way to stimulate the lips, but you can try out different things. Lick caress and even nibble her lips. From time to time, take a break from kissing and trace her lips with your thumb as you stare right into her eyes.

4. Neck

The neck is very sensitive to touch since the skin is very thin. Touching, licking, kissing and even breathing on it will turn on a woman very fast. It is one of the best erogenous zones to start off with. Start with gentle kisses up the neck to the point where the pulse is checked. Continue moving up to her ear lobe, nibble it and then get to the lips for a full lock.

5. Nipples

Most men know that the nipples are a vital part of the female erogenous zones. However, very few actually know how to do it right. Research has shown that stimulation of the nipple is processed in the same part of the brain as the vagina and the clitoris. When one hand is massaging one breast, your tongue or fingers should be tracing the area around the nipple. Hold the nipple with your lips and run you tongue up and down. Pay attention to the rest of her body to see if she likes what you are doing. In addition to sucking, you can use a clitoral vibrator on a low key to stimulate the nipple.

6. Lower Back

No woman is able to say no to a sensual back massage. Not only is it relaxing but it can also be a way to stimulate her sexually. The back, and more so the lower part, responds well to touch. Gently caress her back focusing on the sacrum, area above the tailbone that is full of nerve endings. Move on to massage the area above her bum using your thumb to knead the sides of her spine. You can make it more exciting by the use of massage oils. This will increase the blood flow to the pelvic region which in turn makes her super sensitive.

7. Abdomen

The abdominal muscles are interconnected with the vagina, making the abdomen one of the important erogenous zones. The path between the pubic mound and breasts is filled with nerve endings. When touched, they contract and boost arousal. You can move your fingers up and down her tummy or across the bellybutton and pubic region. You can take your fingers lower then take them up again. This stimulates blood flow to her lady parts.

8. Clitoris

Being one of the most sensitive female erogenous zones, the clitoris is solely intended to give pleasure with more than 8000 nerve endings. Clitoris has different levels of sensitivity. Some women are taken away by a light touch while some require more stimulation. Start with 2 finger tips moving them in a circular motion. You can change the motion to up and down. Study her bodily reaction to know if you need to add the pressure and the speed. You can add lube so that the friction does not hurt her. You can also use a clitoral vibrator or your tongue to stimulate that tiny pleasure button.

9. Cervix

The cervix is found at the lower end of the uterus and it has its own feel-good nerves. Some researchers have insinuated that the clitoris, cervix and vagina all respond individually to different sexual stimuli. The nerves in the cervix respond best to pressure stimuli, but a light touch can do the trick as well.

10. Inner Thighs

A simple touch, lick or kisses on the inner thighs will most definitely stimulate your woman. When going down on her, take a detour to her inner thighs. Stroke them with your fingers, lick and breathe slowly on the areas your tongue has passed through. When performing oral, try massaging her thighs. This will improve blood flow to her genitalia increasing the pleasure she is receiving from your mouth.

11. The Back of Knees

The back of a woman’s knees is packed with nerve endings, but sadly most men don't even realize that it could be one of female erogenous zones. You can gently nibble or lick the back of her knees as this will drive her crazy. Due to the sensitivity of the area, it is good to take it easy and be brief. A simple kiss or nibble should do as you work your way to the top.

12. Feet

Even though you do not have a feet fetish, you can still show some love to her feet. The pressure points on her feet sexually arouse a woman as well as make her feel relaxed after a long day. Place her feet on your lap and use your thumbs to massage them in a circular motion. Continue doing the same and move your thumbs up and down the entire length of her foot. Make sure to ask if the pressure is too much or you should intensify it.

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