Dreams About Losing Teeth

Are you having dreams about losing teeth and wondering what they mean? Dreams are often a message from our subconscious. By studying our dreams, we can interpret the symbols and messages they contain. Here is a brief overview of what your dreams about losing your teeth really mean.

10 + Meanings of Dreams About Losing Teeth

Typical teeth losing dreams involve scenarios where your teeth fall out one by one, crumble in your hands, start to rot or grow crooked. Here's what the dreams mean.

1. Vanity

It is often an indication that you are worried about your looks. A healthy set of teeth is deemed attractive and plays an important role in attraction. Remember the last time you saw a member of the opposite sex flashing his or her pearly whites? It must have made an impression on you. The dreams may, therefore, stem from a deep seated fear of rejection, feeling sexually unattractive or growing older.

2. Communication Issues

People with missing teeth tend to be poor communicators as they have a hard time pronouncing some words. The dreams about losing teeth may just be a pointer to your communication issues. This could be the fact that you are afraid of speaking out on something or are not able to do it for one reason or another.

3. Embarrassment

Do you have a fear of embarrassment? If so, this fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in a situation could bring about this kind of dream. The dreams are more often as an exaggeration of your fears and worries. You need to calm down and kick the worry habit. After all, our worst fears rarely come to pass.

4. Powerlessness

You use your teeth to tear, bite, gnaw and chew. Therefore, teeth are said to be a symbol of power. Losing your teeth in your dreams could be a manifestation of your feelings of powerlessness. There could be a situation in your life where you feel completely helpless or inferior. Your dreams about losing teeth could simply mean that you need to be more aggressive and assertive.

5. Can't Make a Choice

If you are facing a dilemma in your life where you are not able or are unwilling to take any remedial action, you are likely to have dreams about losing your teeth. The dream could simply mean that you are unable to take control of your life in a particular situation.

6. Health Problems

According to traditional dream interpretation books, losing teeth dreams can simply be a sign of poor diet or malnutrition. If you do not eat a balanced diet or have poor dental health, you should take remedial measures. Visit a doctor or a dentist.  

7. Money

There is an old fairytale that states dreams about losing teeth are symbolic of money coming to you. If you lose a tooth, you should put it under your pillow and a tooth fairy will bring you money as you sleep. So, congratulate, you can expect to have money come your way if you dreamt about losing your teeth last night.

8. Deception

There is a Chinese saying that states you will lose the teeth if you tell a lie. So it could be an indication that you are being untruthful or dishonest about something. You should come clean for the dreams to stop.

9. Transition

Often times, dreams about your teeth falling off are an indication that you are going through a transition in your life. The horrible feeling you get in your dreams after losing your teeth represents the anxiety and anguish you might be feeling as a result of the anticipated or sudden changes. Children experience these kinds of dreams a lot when they are transitioning from childhood into adulthood.

10. Insecurity

If you are feeling insecure about some aspect of your life, you are likely to experience dreams about losing teeth. It could be that you are having issues with your self-image or how others perceive you. Whenever you go through a situation where you're facing ridicule or not being treated as an equal, you might experience these dreams.

11. Loss in Life

Dreams about your teeth falling off can also be linked to losing something or someone in your life. The memories of losing your teeth as a child can be related with the feeling of losing something or someone that is a part of you. This kind of dream is very common among people who have a fear of growing old.

12. Death

While this is rare, there are times when dreams about losing teeth can indicate that a family member or close friend is sick or even near death. It is upon you to decide whether or not to apply this to your dream.

13. Sexual Anxiety

According to Sigmund Freud's work, losing your teeth is a symbol of castration. Therefore, dreams about losing your teeth could be an indication of sexual anxiety. This can be experienced by both men and women.

Tips on Interpretation of Teeth Dream

One common way of interpreting dreams is to connect images in your dreams to your life experiences. For example, if you have dreams about losing teeth, you should try to recall the thoughts and feelings you have experienced in the dreams and connect them with what you are going through in your life now. It is also important to remember that dreams about your teeth are often related to dental health. Make sure to see your dentist.

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