Drug and Alcohol Test Answers You Should Know

Statistics show that around 40% of traffic deaths are related to drunk driving. A high percentage of this involves drivers aged 16 to 20 years old. Besides, according to a 2005 survey, there were 22,400 deaths due to drug overdose and a large number of teens were involved. It's best for you to get away from drug and alcohol abuse, but it's easier said than done. In cases you have to take a drug and alcohol test, here are some test questions and answers to help you out.

Drug and Alcohol Test Answers

One question that a drug and alcohol test may include is "Do you know what BAC stands for?" Actually BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, is the amount of alcohol in your body as measured by weight per volume of blood. Here are more questions and answers that may be involved in a drug and alcohol test.

True or False Questions

1. Safety belts allow areas of your body to absorb forces from a crash.             

2. Impaired drivers can make dangerous maneuvers while driving in traffic.         

3. Brakes are important to your safety and to a motor vehicle.                          

4. Most drivers have a reaction time of 2-2.5 seconds.                               

5. Blood alcohol concentration refers to the amount of alcohol in a person's blood expressed as weight per volume.                                     

6. Points are placed on your driver's license for every driving infraction.      

7. On long trips, you should take a break from driving every 4 hours.

8. Bicycles are not classified as vehicles.

9. Almost 10,000 individuals aged 16 to 20 year old were killed/injured in the year 2010 from traffic accidents.

10. Signaling 20 feet before making a turn can help reduce your risk of being run into from behind.   

11. You should reduce your speed when traveling on narrow or winding roadways.

12. Alcohol  is a common stimulant in any amount.

13. You should always test your brakes lightly after driving through deep waters.

14. It is illegal to drive alongside a motorcycle in the same lane.    

15. The amount of tar and level of carbon monoxide inhaled by a marijuana smoker is 3-5 times greater than a tobacco smoker.

16. A child who reaches the age of 21 without having ever smoked, abused alcohol or drugs is almost certain never to do so.

17. Factors that increase the likelihood of teens to use tobacco, marijuana or alcohol include infrequent family dinners.

18. All websites selling controlled prescription drugs require a prescription.

19. The penalty for driving while under the influence of drugs is the same as the penalty for that of alcohol.

20. The government allocates 50% of the budget of substance abuse and addiction on prevention and treatment.


Anxious to know these drug and alcohol test answers? Now take a quick look at the chart below and see how many points you can get.











11. TRUE


13. TRUE

14. TRUE

15. TRUE

16. TRUE

17. TRUE


19. TRUE


Multiple-Choice Questions

If you really want to know drug and alcohol test answers, you can never ignore the following multiple choices. Now read them through and get yourself better prepared.

1. According to the DUI law, a violator will serve not less than_____ days in jail on his second conviction.

A. 100         B. 80           C. 60     D.  45

2. A BAC of .10 % increases your likelihood of causing an accident ___ times than if you did not have a drink.

A. 7              B. 5              C. 3            D. 2       

3. When taking medicine, ask your doctor: 

A. If you are allowed to drive.

B. How the drug may affect your ability to drive safely.

C. If you can travel alone.   

D. None of the above.

4. Statistics show that in Tennessee, fatal crashes involving alcohol over the past few years:

A. Has increased.                         

B. Has not decreased.

C. Has decreased to about one-third.          

D. Cannot be determined.

5. The use of alcohol and/or drugs affects which of these driving skills:

A. Alertness    

B. Coordination   

C. Both A and B  

D. None of the above

6. After drinking several bottles of beer before driving, you can reduce the effects of alcohol before driving by:

A. Drinking a lot of water.           

B. Drinking a lot of coffee.

C. Taking antacids.                  

D. Waiting several hours.

7. For a first conviction, driving under the influence or DUI is determined by having a blood alcohol concentration of at least:

A. 0.08%                  B. 0.05%                    C. 1.0%       D. 0.8%

8. Which of the following substances can affect your ability to drive safely?

A. Vodka           

B. Marijuana            

C. A cough medicine        

D. All of the above

9. Under the DUI law, the minimum penalty upon first conviction will be:

A. $350.00 fine                   

B. 48 hours in jail

C. 1 year license revocation         

D. All of the above

10. Alcohol, at a concentration of 2%, is:

A. A depressant                                             B. A stimulant

C. It depends on your state of health             D. Has little effect.

11. Your present BAC is more likely to be higher if:

A. You drink two beers in one hour.     

B. You drink two beers in two hours.

C. You drank five beers the day before.

D. You drink two beers and a liter of water in two hours.

12. If you take three beers in one hour, about how long will it take to cancel the intoxicating effects from your bloodstream?

A. 12 hours

B. 6 hours

C. 3 hours

D. It depends on the alcohol content of the drink.

13. Studies show that one out of how many Americans will experience an alcohol/drug problem at some point in their life?

A. 4                    B. 5                    C. 7                    D. 10

14. Approximately how many millions of girls/women in the US are alcoholics/alcohol abusers?

A. 1                    B. 3             C. 6                     D. 10

15. It is reported that ___ percent of homeless individuals have alcohol problems?

A. 90           B. 80           C. 70           D. 50          

16. Studies reveal that ____ percent of abused/neglected children have parents who abuse alcohol and/or drugs:

 A. 30                B. 40           C. 50           D. 70 

Here are the multiple choice drug and alcohol test answers:

1. D

2. A

3. B

4. C

5. C

6. D

7. A

8. D

9. D


11. A

12. C

13. A

14. C

15. A

16. D

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