Does Home Depot Drug Test You and When?

When you are applying for a new job, you are probably nervous and trying to make a great first impression. You are probably aware of the fact that many companies do call for a drug test. Some people get even more nervous thinking they are going to be drug tested during the first interview, but the truth is a company won't pay for a drug test unless they are seriously interested in you for the job.

Does Home Depot Drug Test You?

If you're still wondering if Home Depot drug test your or not, the answer is 'yes', but not in the first interview. Here's more about it.


"I just received a call from Home Depot and they want to interview me this Wednesday at 5 pm. Does anyone know if Home Depot does drug tests on the first interview? I don't want to waste a detox drink if I have time before the drug test. If anyone has interviewed for Home Depot, can you let me know when they administer the drug test?"


"You’re in luck! I used to work for Home Depot and they do not give you a drug test during your first interview. They give you enough notice and you have to have the drug test taken at a clinic. If you are still worried about passing, you can try the whizzinator. It is 100% fool proof and it has never let me down yet. These companies don't just order drug tests for everyone who applies. It costs them money for these drug tests so get yourself in gear, drink lots of water, and clear out your system."

When Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Though they normally don't drug test during your first interview, it could be anytime. Home Depot does random drug testing and if you do not pass, you'll get fired fired without a second chance. So if you really enjoy working there, take care and do not break the rule.

How Long Does Substance Stay in Your System?

Usually, there are 3 ways to test the substances in your system, namely urine, hair and blood. And the duration that those substances would stay in your body varies based on the type of test you have. Below is a table of how long substances stay in your system.

How Long Does It Take Home Depot to Clear Drug Test and Background Check?

If an employer is interested in you, they will ask you to take a drug test and they will also run a background check on you. In general, they will take a couple of business days but it could actually take up to 1 or 2 weeks to get back results. Because the company is looking for new employees there will probably be more of a rush on the test and the background check. If they plan on running a credit check, you have to give them permission just as you have to with the background check.

Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Reports that Home Depot hires felons are completely false. You may have done a search to find employers who are felon friendly but there is no proof of any kind that anyone who has had a felony charge has been employed by Home Depot. You may have heard of some people saying they were hired with a felony but that would be false. There are many people who have made it all the way through the hiring process and may have almost been hired, but once the background check has come back and shows a felony on their report, that person was not hired to work at Home Depot.

So you may have heard about people who have made it all through the hiring process. But that is all they have done. The background check is part of the hiring process and if it shows a felony, the interview process will come to a complete end. Here are a few responses from applicants:

"I applied to work at Home Depot because I heard they were a felony friendly place to work. I got through the two interviews and made it through the drug test. I was told to come in for orientation; but the day before I was scheduled to come in, I received a call that I my background check came back showing a felony. I was told to not come in and I was not going to be hired for the job."

"I really thought I had this in the bag. I even put my felony on my application figuring that if they saw it and were not hiring former felons I would know right away. But I almost had this bag if it weren't for my background check. Anyone who says that Home Depot is felon friendly is totally wrong. Don't bother going through the process – you're not going to get hired.”

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