Will Cranberry Juice Clean Your System?

Although the use of marijuana has been legalized in some states, many employers still require people to pass a drug test. Some people who need to take a drug test for weed seek the ways to help them pass the test. But can cranberry juice clean your system?

Will Cranberry Juice Clean Your System?

Here’s the good news. Cranberries can help you cleanse your body because it has natural diuretic properties, which means you can eliminate a number of toxic metabolites through your kidneys. However, it may not happen in an instant. If you use marijuana regularly, it will take much more than a glass of cranberry juice to cleanse your body of metabolites. You may need to drink the juice for a month to pass a drug test.

There are risks, too. Cranberry juice can increase your body pH, which can affect the results of your urine test. If you take a lot of cranberry juice days before the test, your test results may be found invalid because the pH may reveal unusual results.

Furthermore, if your employer uses another type of drug test that involves testing THC residues in hair follicles, taking cranberry juice will have no beneficial effect, since it does not affect the hair follicles.

More Natural Ways to Clean Your System

Will cranberry juice clean your system? Yes, but it works in a slow way. Actually, if you use weed regularly, the natural methods of cleansing your body will usually take 30 days. But these ways are safe and will not have harm effects on your body.

1. Drink a lot of water. Hydration helps detoxify your body from marijuana, and it is also a great way of keeping yourself healthy while staying out of drugs.

2. Get more exercise. Marijuana is stored in your fat cells, so the more fat cells you have, the more difficult it will be to detox. Get more exercise using a combination of cardio training and weight lifting exercises to burn more fat and speed up your metabolism.

3. Eat leafy greens. Vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach are high in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which can boost your body metabolism.

4. Take lemon juice. Will cranberry juice clean your system? Yes, but you can also try lemons. The sour fruits are very rich in vitamin C which helps you detox naturally. Always use fresh lemons rather than canned juice which does not have the same amount of nutrients as freshly squeezed lemons.

5. Avoid red meat and junk food. These foods have a high sodium content which causes you to retain more water, and are high in fat and sugar which slow your metabolism. Try to focus on eating nutritious foods such as lean meat, fruit and vegetables.

6. Take tea. Tea is known for detoxing the body naturally. One of the best types of tea for cleansing marijuana is dandelion tea which helps your liver eliminate toxins. Another great type of tea is green tea which helps boost your body metabolism with its high antioxidant levels. 

8. Eat lots of fiber. Healthy sources of fiber include whole grains, legumes, nuts, and beans. Fiber is essential for natural detoxing.

9. Avoid using marijuana. If you want to cleanse your body of weed, you have to avoid the source. 

10. Test yourself. If you want to know whether you will pass a drug test, get a home drug test kit from the drug store or order one online to see if your system is clean.

11. Don't use the first urine. If you want to pass the drug test, never use the first urine of the day. Your first urine in the morning is more concentrated and contains all the unwanted substances in your body. Therefore, the recommendation is to pee at least once before giving the urine sample.

More Ways to Help You Pass the Drug Test

Will cranberry juice clean your system? Yes. Apart from the above natural methods, here are more options to try. But you need to discuss the usage with your doctor beforehand. 

1. Detox Drinks

These types of beverages can help you pass a drug test by detoxifying your body from THC. These are diuretics that help you eliminate toxins. Detox drinks also contain useful herbs and vitamins which help boost your health. Be sure to follow the instructions accurately to pass the test.

2. Zinc

One study confirmed that zinc masks the THC metabolites in urine tests and avoids their detection. You can either take a zinc supplement or use it as a urine sample adulterant. However, some laboratories have new methods of detecting zinc in urine.

3. Aspirin

Aspirin can interfere with the results of an EMIT-based assay which is sometimes used as a screening test for drugs. However, it is not very reliable, and you may need other methods to increase your chances of passing the test. The recommendation is to take 4 tablets of aspirin about 4 to 5 hours before the drug test.

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