High vs. Low Cheekbones: Comparion with Pictures

What makes someone attractive? Some claim that cheekbones have a great deal to do with whether someone is considered conventionally attractive or not, with those who have higher cheekbones being more appealing. However, remember that beauty is quite subjective, and what one person likes another person finds distasteful. However, that still leaves the question: Is there a genetic link to beauty and high cheekbones vs low cheekbones?

High Cheekbones vs. Low Cheekbones

You have certainly heard of the term ‘high cheekbones’ but what does that really mean? Someone who has high cheekbones has the widest part of their face just below their eyes. This causes the cheek to dip in slightly below the bone, thus making the cheekbone stand out prominently. The dip might cause a shadow, which can accentuate the face even more. High cheekbones are right under the eye and the upper part of the nose. Low cheekbones, on the other hand, are toward the bottom part of the nose. For some, they might even be below the nose.

Cheek Shape and Meanings

High cheekbones vs low cheekbones have great meaning in some cultures. In some Asian cultures, high cheeks are believed to be a sign of power, and are found on courageous and determined people. This makes those with high cheekbones considered more desirable by society.

In the United States, one of the most revered members of government was Abraham Lincoln, a man who happened to have extremely high and prominent cheekbones. His success play into the belief that high cheekbones mean someone might be smarter or more successful.

What about those with low cheekbones? They are often considered loners who enjoy their own company, have trouble getting people to listen to them, and might be stressed. They might also have sunken or indented cheeks, which often relates to working too much or undergoing terrible grief.

Why Do People Like High Cheekbones?

High cheekbones are definitely something that society has come to view as beautiful. High cheekbones tend to create a very symmetrical face, which science has proven to be noticed more often and seen with much more appeal. In fact, high cheekbones are considered a beauty trait that is found often in fashion models.

High cheekbones also have a sexual connotation; they typically prove that a woman is old enough to be able to reproduce, and for men, they prove a high level of testosterone. Both of these traits mean that someone with high cheekbones will be considered more physically desirable, thanks to our ancestry and the drive for reproduction above all else.

A Classic Beauty Feature

High cheekbones have long been considered the gold standard among stars in Hollywood. In fact, Katherine Hepburn – a star for the ages – was known for her high cheekbones and otherwise chiseled face. The bones of her face were just below her eyes and very prominent, making her entire face stand out from a crowd.

High Cheekbones in Hollywood Today

High cheekbones are one of the things that make Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie one of the most attractive women in the world. Her bones are prominent right underneath her eyes, which give her a sexy, attractive look that turns heads. The Atlantic’s Christopher Orr describes them as “so sharp and jutting that one could juice oranges on them.” 

Cheekbones in the Fashion World

Models are well-known for their symmetrical and sometimes stunning beauty. Models like Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks have very high cheekbones that make them seen prized, exotic and definitely very noticeable. This is why they are often used for modeling campaigns.

High Cheekbone photos

Low Cheekbone photos

How to Get More Prominent Cheekbones

The prominent ones are always tend to attract the eyes of the public whenever high cheekbones vs low cheekbones. Short of turning to serious plastic surgery, most people are stuck with the cheekbones they were born with. However, low cheekbones can be overcome with the power of makeup.

You will need:

Brushes, blush, foundation, bronzing or contour powder, and highlighter


  1. Suck your cheeks in to find the hollows; you will want to know exactly where your cheekbones are. Tilt a brush at a 45-degree angle and place it right on your cheekbone.
  2. Now, figure out where to contour, and where it should end. To do this, hold the brush vertically right where your eyebrows end. This is where the contouring will end.
  3. Use a bronzer that is two or three shades darker than your skin tone. Place it just below the hairline, then swipe it down to less than half the length of your cheekbone. You don’t want the contour powder to cross your cheekbone area.
  4. Use a fluffy brush to apply blush to the area right underneath your cheekbone. Blend it carefully with the bronzer to make sure it looks natural.
  5. Choose a highlighter that complements the bronzing, and apply it right above your cheekbones with a smaller fluffy brush. You can also use a shimmer blush instead.

Hope this video could help you learn how to do it skillfully:

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