How to Make Your Eyes Red

There are certain situations that may require you to have red eyes. It may be a prank or a scene in a play. However, getting the same result every single time by following the same technique may not guarantee successful results all the time. However, there is no need to worry. The article will discuss smart and safe techniques about how to make your eyes red. Tricking yourself to cry and make up are some of the techniques but they are not all.

How to Make Your Eyes Red

1.  Try Natural Things

There are some natural things that can really help in reddening your eyes. These include:

Onions: Peel an onion and rub a small piece of it just below the eye. Prolonged exposure causes the eyes to turn red. For better results, use a string flavored onion. This is an easy way of how to make your eyes red.

Menthol: Spreading this a little below the eye will cause them to be red. Apply a small dab below each eye. However, the vapor should not come into contact with the eye at any time.

Peppermint oil: Dab a little peppermint oil below each eye. Just like the menthol, do not allow the vapor to get to the eye. It is a cost effective way although peppermint is slightly expensive.

2.  Avoid Blinking for a While

Another technique on how to get red eyes instantly is by not blinking right away for a while. Here is how to do about it: Ensure your eyes are wide open for as long as you can, and try hard not to blink until they become painful. Frequent blinking aids in lubrication of the eye balls. As a result of not blinking, the eyes will become watery, puffy and irritated, in the end, red.

3.  Rub the Area Below the Eyes

This is a technique that is used mostly in movies and TV. So this is on our list of how to make your eyes red. Simply ball your hands into fists and rub the area just below the eye. This is a mild physical irritation that will result in red, watery eyes. For this technique, gentle pressure should be applied. While doing this, eyes should be closed to avoid bacterial transfer.

4.  Stay in the Pool

Chlorine, found in water, is an eye irritant. Get into the pool and open your eyes underwater for an extended period of time. Remember goggles should be left out. For this technique to be effective, salt water pools are ideal. Staying under water for a long time will result in red, puffy and watery eyes.

5.  Reduce Sleep Time

This technique is not suitable for those who need to be alert the following day. However, getting less sleep over a long period of time will make a perfect result. Do not drive or operate any machinery if you are feeling groggy or famished.

6.  Take Some Measures to Cry

One technique on how to make your eyes red that has never failed is inducing crying. However, getting the reason to fake crying is the real deal.One of the ways is by putting yourself in a depressed or sad state. Think about certain sad scenarios that may have happened to you, like a recent heart break or death of a loved one. Focusing on personal pain can also trigger crying. Another strategy is making yourself angry or frustrated.

7.  Use Colored Contacts

Using colored contacts is another technique. It is important to choose a contact that matches your eye color. There are many custom made lenses that one can use too. Using a tear stick also works.

8.  Do Exercises

Some kind of exercises that are strenuous may cause momentary increase in the heart rate. Such exercises include weight lifting. As a result of the strain and the increased blood flow and pressure, the blood vessels expand, including those of the eyes, causing the sclera to redden. The sclera is the white part of the eye. Strenuous exercise equals to greater pressure built up in the head.

9.  Try Some Allergens

For how to make your eyes red, this is an effective but a little dangerous way. Allergens can redden the eyes. You need to identify certain substances that you are allergic to, like pollen, smoke and cosmetics, and then make use them to make your eyes red. An allergic reaction occurs when the body’s immune system reacts with an allergen/foreign body. The body produces histamine as a defense mechanism to fight off the "culprit" allergen. The histamine released by the body causes the blood vessels in the eyes to enlarge, resulting in red and watery eyes.

10.  Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking may result in itchy, dry and red eyes, thanks to the toxic irritant ingredients. Other eye health risks of tobacco smoking include cataracts and uveitis. Marijuana smoking has similar effect. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, significantly dilates the blood vessels, thus reddening the eyes. This effect can last for several hours.

Another cause of eye redness is excessive consumption of alcohol. Oxygen flow to red blood cells is reduced by alcohol. This causes the blood vessels to clump together, thereby causing a ruddy complexion and blood shot eyes.

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