A Detailed Instruction on Making Yourself Faint on Purpose

You might want to fake unconsciousness for acting purposes or for playing a prank on someone. Usually getting up too quickly from a lying or sitting position can cause lightheadedness which is the response of the sensory system to a brief drop in blood flow to the brain. This sensation of lightheadedness can be induced quite easily but it is dangerous as it can lead to vomiting and nausea and in some cases death. So, when trying to make yourself pass out, make sure that you learn how to do it safely.

How to Make Yourself Pass Out

The following methods can help you in fainting without harming yourself.

1. Burn Out Your Oxygen

Hyperventilate or take deep breaths quickly while sitting on the ground. Continue doing this for around a minute and then stand up. Make sure to stop breathing when you get up. After this, start burning oxygen either by spinning in circles or running around. After a while, you are going to feel dizzy and start losing your vision before eventually falling over. Using this method, you can faint anywhere from a few seconds to almost a minute.

2. Hold Your Breath

You can deprive your brain of oxygen by holding your breath. This will create a shortage of oxygen in the body, making the brain go into "crisis mode". You can make yourself dizzy and lightheaded for a little while if you are able to hold your breath for a few minutes.

3. Breathe Against Your Thumb

How to make yourself pass out? Put your head in between your knees while standing and take deep breaths for half a minute. Then stand up without taking a breath, insert your thumb into your mouth and start breathing against it. Don't let air out while breathing against your thumb. Continue doing this until you faint.

4. Stop Eating

You can bring about a fainting episode by not eating. Diabetic patients can start feeling lightheaded if they take too much insulin or stop managing their diet.

5. Try to Inhale Smoke

You can become extremely lightheaded by inhaling a considerable amount of cigarette smoke into your lungs and holding it there for a few moments. However, smoking is injurious to health which makes this a dangerous method to make yourself pass out. 

6. Stop Using Blood Pressure Drugs

Blood pressure patients can induce an episode of fainting by stop using their blood pressure drugs. But this can be dangerous and harm your health, so we do not recommend this.

How to Pretend to Pass Out

If you want to know how to make yourself pass out without actually fainting, then you can try the following method.

1. Act It Up

You can pretend to pass out by acting up the common symptoms of fainting. Start by slowing down your movements, holding your head and complaining of dizziness. Then blink your eyes for a while before saying that you are feeling weak.

2. Choose a Location

While pretending to experience the fainting symptoms, move to a spot that you consider safe for falling. Act as if you are feeling weak and sit down on a chair if you plan on passing out in a sitting position.

3. Fall Safely

Make sure that you fall safely when pretending to pass out. If you are standing, then let your knees hit the floor before your torso. If you are sitting, then fall off the chair and try to land on the backside of your thigh.

4. Lie Still for a While

Remain on the ground in a still but loose posture for some time. Keep your limbs relaxed and if someone tries to lift your arm, don't resist. Even if they drop your arm, let it fall to the ground naturally.

5. Become Consciousness Gradually

Slowly open your eyes and breathe deeply. Pretend that you don't remember passing out and say that you felt as if someone had put out the lights. Try to stand up but not entirely on your own. Ask someone to pull you up.

Ensure Your Safety When Passing Out

Even when you know how to make yourself pass out safely, it can still cause serious injuries as it can make you lose your balance and fall. So, it is better to ensure your safety before making yourself pass out.

1. Inform Others

Passing out can be dangerous. So, before you try to make yourself pass out, you'd better inform someone your trust. Tell them that you are feeling dizzy and that they should take you to a safe place. They can also care for you when you are unconsciousness.

2. Make the Falling Secured

If you are fainting from a standing position and have no one near you to catch you, then find a wall and try to slide down against it as you fall. Falling is a major danger associated with fainting as you might get hurt if you fall on a hard or sharp object. 

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