How Can You Masturbate for Longer Time?

When most people think of sexual satisfaction, they think of being happily married or at least happily coupled. That is not always true. Some forms of sexual satisfaction do not require a partner, and masturbation is a prime example of this. Many people believe that masturbation is basically a way to learn how to love yourself. This "self-love" is in fact quite beneficial and has several health benefits as well. Quite interestingly, you can try several ways to enjoy masturbation and even learn more skills.

How to Masturbate Longer

You can try many different tricks and techniques to wank longer. If you have been masturbating for quite some time now, the chances are you have not yet experimented with your technique. You may still be using one hand to stroke your penis to reach an orgasm. Try the following ways to make masturbation enjoyable and last longer.

  • Take your favorite lube and apply it generously on your both hands. Now, use your forefinger and thumb to form a ring. Slide the ring up to the base of your penis and move it up and down. While doing it, you can also form a ring using your other fingers.
  • You can last longer while masturbating simply by lightly squeezing and pulling your scrotum down when you are about to ejaculate. This will help you last a bit longer and help you have a stronger orgasm.
  • Get an erection while keeping your underwear on. Now, tap the tip of your penis lightly with your fingers. This will help you enjoy the feeling and make it possible for you to last longer than usual.
  • A weird yet effective way to last longer is to smell something bad when masturbating. It could be your dirty socks. This will put you off and let you masturbate longer.
  • How to masturbate longer? Buy a pair of latex gloves and wear them when masturbating. Imagine a doctor is doing it for you. This will make you feel great. Be sure to go slow. Touch the tip of your penis first and then massage it gently. Stop when you are about to ejaculate. Start again after a few seconds and go fast to have an intense orgasm.
  • If you are in your bed with an erect penis, change your position and lay down on your tummy. Take off your pants and rub your penis up and down on your bed. Stop when you are about to ejaculate. Pull up your pants and take a short break of a few seconds. Start again and stroke your penis lightly with your hands.
  • When masturbating, caress your body with your other hand. You will discover a part that is sensitive to touch. Play with it while masturbating and stop before you think you are about to climax, stop it right there. The good thing is that you can start again even if you have ejaculated and could not stop yourself in time. It may feel difficult at first because your hand will be tired and your penis will go back to its flaccid state. Simply keep stroking your penis and it will become hard once again. If it feels difficult to do it twice in a row, you may ask someone else to do it for you. The change in sensations will make you hard once again.
  • Apply some lube on your hand and twist it in a way that your thumb is against your belly. Hold your penis in this position and instead of stroking with your hand, move your body in and out of your hand. Feel as if you are thrusting into a vagina.
  • Get a plastic sandwich bag and fill it up with petroleum jelly. Put your penis in the bag and place the bag between the box spring and the mattress. Now, pump in and out until you ejaculate.
  • Experiment with different types of lubrication to change sensations and enjoy more. You can experiment with saliva, oil, body lotion, or Vaseline to learn how to masturbate longer. For some, the combination of saliva and precum works great, while others look for water-based lubes for masturbation. Use what works best for you.

Why Is It Important to Masturbate?

There are so many misconceptions associated with masturbation. The truth is that you will experience several health benefits when you masturbate.

  1. It relieves stress. Masturbation helps relieve stress in many ways. You are focusing on only one thing when masturbating and this helps you relax. Your body releases dopamine when you ejaculate and it helps boost your mood.
  2. It helps you learn about yourself. You can get to know more about your sexuality through masturbation. It also helps you determine what you really like and how you can make your sex life better.
  3. It helps you achieve orgasm during intercourse. You can learn more about your sexuality and find what triggers feelings of pleasure. This always helps you reach orgasm when engaging in vaginal sex with a partner. You need nitric oxide in your blood to function sexually, and masturbation really helps maintain levels of this chemical.
  1. It helps with insomnia. You can masturbate to improve your symptoms of insomnia. It relaxes your nerves and helps you fall into a deep sleep.

How Much Masturbation Is Too Much?

Many people want to know how to masturbate longer, but others are concerned about frequency of masturbation. They want to know exactly how much is too much. You need to pay attention to certain things to know if you are doing it too much.

If you are overdoing it and it has changed your health in any way; if you are not satisfied with your relationship, career, or friendships and you are using masturbation as an escape, then you should take steps to change your behavior.

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