Protein Shake Before Bed

Your body needs protein to repair itself and function properly. The essential and nonessential amino acids are the building blocks of your body and help repair body tissues. After a strenuous workout session, your muscle tissue will break down and require protein for repair. Proteins are also important for replenishment of lost blood, replacement of dead cells, healing of wounds, and nail/hair growth.

It is true that protein is important for your overall health, but many people have questions about the best time to take protein. Protein shakes are popular, but some believe that it is best to drink these shakes before a workout. Some people say that drinking a protein shake before bed is more beneficial. Keep reading to find out more about the best time to drink protein shakes.

Is It Good to Take Protein Shake Before Bed?

Yes, it is quite beneficial to drink your protein shake before you go to bed. That's mainly because consuming protein before bed will boost your metabolism during sleep. Since you won't be eating anything throughout the night, the amino acids in protein will prevent muscle breakdown caused by the overnight fast. You should consider drinking it during training days.

Rules to Follow for Drinking Protein Shake Before Bed

Now you know that drinking a protein shake before you go to bedhas its benefits, you should remember a few things before you start doing this. Here's more about it.

1. Be Sure to Exercise Hard

Protein shakes have their benefits when taken before bed, especially when you work out in the evening. Just keep in mind that protein shakes alone are not going to get you ripped – you will have to exercise as well. You can lift weight, use your body weight during exercise, or use resistance bands to exercise. Exercise will also help burn excess body fat and protein will give you a leaner more defined look.

2. Opt for Casein

If you're interested in drinking your protein shake before bed, you will be better off opting for casein instead of whey. Unlike whey, casein protein converts into a gel like consistency when it reaches your stomach, which in turn reduces your digestion and absorption rate. This ensures that your body receives a steady supply of amino acids throughout the night.

3. Pick Your Shakes Carefully

You need to understand that drinking certain types of shakes before you go to sleep add more calories to your system than you actually burn through your workout. This will lead to unwanted weight gain. This usually happens when your protein shake contains added sugar. Moreover, drinking such shakes before going to bed will make you feel charged up and keep you from falling asleep. So, be sure to select your protein shakes carefully.

4. Select Appropriate Protein Sources

Consider getting protein from lean protein sources such as egg whites, chicken breast, tuna, and protein powders. You can always opt for protein powders because you can mix them easily in milk or water. They will enter your bloodstream quickly and provide your body with much needed amino acids required for muscle repair. Protein powders also stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep hunger pangs at bay. Talk to your doctor before you start using any types of protein supplements.

When Is the Best Time to Take Protein?

Yes, there are benefits of drinking your protein shake before bed, but is it the best time to take protein? Well, you definitely have other options available, so here's more about how to decide when to take protein.

1. First Thing in the Morning

Consuming protein as the first thing in the morning is probably the best thing to do. You will find so many bodybuilders prepare a variety of egg dishes like scrambled eggs, omelet, boiled eggs, and poached eggs in the morning, but you can make a simple protein shake to load your body with protein. A whey protein shake is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get protein in the morning. A bowl of oats, granola, and shredded wheat are some other nice muscle-building breakfasts.

2. Before Workout

It is also a good idea to drink a whey protein shake before you start your workout session, but that's not always necessary. You actually don't need to drink a protein shake if you've had a whole food meal with carbohydrate and lean protein at least a couple of hours before training. You can have a protein shake though if you ate your last meal more than 4 hours ago.

3. After Workout

Drinking a protein shake after a workout is highly recommended mainly because your workout will encourage muscle protein synthesis, which will lead to quick muscle growth. You need to know that your muscles will stay in an anabolic state for at least 48 hours after your training. Your muscles will use amino acids better during the first couple of hours of this anabolic state. It means you will benefit if you drink your protein shake within 48 hours of completing your training, but you will reap maximum benefits if you consume protein within the first couple of hours after training.

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