Drinking Water Before Bed

Water is considered a nutrient and is very essential for survival, health as well as beauty and longevity. A person can go without food for almost 40 days; however, two days without water will result in deterioration of health. This will depend on how rapidly the body water is lost and the temperature. Most people do not drink adequate amount of water. We shall look at when a person should drink water and whether drinking water before bed is a good idea.

Is It Okay to Drink Water Before Bed?

Whether it is okay to drink water before bed depends very much on the amount of water you consume and your health condition.

When it is not okay:

Drinking water before bed is not a good idea for people suffering from kidney or heart ailments. This is because the excess water intake will put additional pressure on the kidney, which are already weakened and are not efficient in fluid removal from the body.

Drinking water just before going to bed can also be a problem as it disrupts the sleep. The person might wake up once or more to empty the bladder. Some people do not function well without a good night's sleep and hence they should avoid doing it.

For such people the best way is to avoid drinking fluids around 2 hours before bedtime. They should also ensure that they use the restroom before going to bed, twice if required. Water can be kept handy near the bed, if you feel thirsty; however, it can make you want to visit the restroom around daybreak.

When it is okay:

When a person is in good health i.e. without any heart or kidney ailment and do not have any problem waking up in the middle of the night to empty their bladder, they can be fine with drinking water before bed.

In fact, it will have various health benefits as well as seen below.

  • Keeps you hydrated: Our body loses water throughout the day from activities. Drinking water before bed replenishes the lost fluids and keeps us hydrated. Human body contains high levels of water and the level should be maintained for the body to function properly. Since body is at rest during sleep, fluids are not lost and the body can refill the lost quantity.
  • Burns off calories: Water helps you burn calories naturally. Drinking cold water makes your body work harder, to warm it up. Thereby increases the metabolism and burns calories. And water by itself does not give any calories.
  • Promotes sleep: The balance of vitamins and minerals is maintained by drinking adequate amount of water. Drinking water before bed, the hormone and energy levels get balanced, along with the muscles and joints. This helps in relaxing the body, as the body is replenished. You will feel rejuvenated in the morning. If you do this regularly, you will start sleeping soundly as well.
  • Clears off toxins: A lot of toxins enter our body on a daily basis from the environment as well as from food. Water helps to flush out these toxins from the body and is a natural cleansing agent. The body remains healthy and functions well. The organs benefitting the most are the digestive system, the skin and the muscles. The overall appearance and health will improve. By drinking water before bed your digestion will improve, and you will feel more energetic

When Is the Best Time to Drink Water?

Water is one of the most essential nutrients to maintain good health. Water can be sourced from the tap, bottled or even ionized alkaline water. Besides the type of water, the quantity of water, the time when we drink water is also very important.

1. Just After You Wake Up

Your internal organs get activated when you drink water at this time. The toxins present in the body get flushed out before you start with your first meal. Instead of coffee which acts as a diuretic and causes fluid loss, opt for glass of water instead.

2. Before Having a Meal

If you drink water 30 minutes before a meal, it increases the satiety and prevents over eating. Over-eating can cause weight gain and can also lead to fatty liver disease. Drinking water keeps the liver lean. It also stimulates the digestive enzymes and bile production, thus preparing the stomach for food.

3. Before and During Exercise

It is important to be physically fit to remain healthy. When you drink water before and during exercise you prevent the risk of dehydration. This puts less load on the liver to clear the toxins out of the body. This is especially important for someone who has a fibrotic liver.

4. When You're Ill

It is an old belief and it holds true that drinking lots of fluids when you are unwell is good. The recommended intake is around 8 glasses of water, where one glass is of 8 ounces. You should also consume other fluids like soups, juice or tea. When a person is hospitalized, they have an IV drip which keeps the person hydrated.

5. When You Are Exposed to Other Ill Patients

People who are surrounded by sick people, at hospitals, school or at work, should drink more water. This is to ensure that if there are any microbes in the body, due to the exposure, they will be washed away.

When the body is hydrated, the invading microbes do not get to settle or multiply in the body. You should drink water before or after going out, this will ensure that some types of viruses are prevented from causing an illness or the severity is lessened.

6. When You Are Feeling Tired

It is a good idea to drink water when you are tired, fatigued or feeling sleepy. Water gets absorbed quickly and moves rapidly throughout the body. It reaches the brain and activates it. It helps to have water before an important meeting, especially cold water. It will help in keeping the body alert.

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