Sex with Condom vs. Without

It is commonly acknowledged that you should have protected sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Although people understand the importance of wearing condoms, they still try to avoid wearing it for different reasons. Unprotected sex puts them at a greater risk of pregnancy and catching infections, but they can’t give up the feeling of sex without condom. Keep reading to learn how it feels to have sex with condom vs. withoutand how to be safer when having unprotected sex.

What Does It Feel to Have Sex with Condom vs. Without?

When it comes to wearing condom while having sex, many people want to know the exact differences of feeling between sex with and without condom. Of course, you can try it yourself and decide, but different people have different opinions about having sex with condom vs. without.

What Does Sex Feel Like With a Condom?

  • Some people are of the view that it is a good idea to wear condom because it helps them feel safe and relaxed about STDs and unwanted pregnancy. This mental relaxation leads to a more enjoyable sexual experience.
  • People who have issues such as premature ejaculation say that wearing condom improves their timing. Condom reduces friction and often helps increase your staying power.
  • The type of condom used during the act also has an impact on how it feels to have sex. Some condoms are tagged as 'pleasure-enhancing' and they actually make sex a lot more exciting. Condoms with a coating of premium lube or enhanced textures make sex enjoyable for both parties.

What Does Sex Feel Like Without a Condom?

  • Some people enjoy the enhanced feeling they experience when having sex without condom. They find it much more exciting and smoother.
  • Some men love skin-on-skin contact and they just don't want to sacrifice it by wearing condom. Bare skin makes it a lot more intimate and the feelings of coming inside their partner adds to the excitement.
  • Some females are also in favor of having sex without condom because it lets them enjoy the real texture of skin and the feeling of being ejaculated inside their bodies.

How to Reduce Risk When Having Sex Without Condom

Sex with condom vs. without depends largely on how you feel during the act. However, it is always safer to wear condom to protect yourself from STDs. In case you love that skin-on-skin contact, you should pay attention to a few important points.

1. Get Tested

Information about HIV status can really help stay safe while having unprotected sex. You should also be tested for common infections to be STI free. This is more important if you have a new sex partner. Be sure to avoid getting into any sexual act until your doctor confirms you're not infectious.

2. Limit Your Partners

Limit yourself to fewer partners and you will be safer. In this way, it is also easy to confirm that you and your sex partners are all HIV tested and STI-free. Also, be honest to your partner about your STI diagnoses.

3. Be Careful with Any Body Fluid

STI are usually transmitted through body fluid, including semen, pre-semen, vaginal discharge and blood. You should avoid touching your eyes, mouth or genital area if you have any body fluid on your hands.

4. Birth Control

Girls can take birth control pills when they are going to engage in unprotected sex with their male partner. Most of these pills become effective within the first month of taking.

5. Other Precautions

You can also take some other precautions when having sex without a condom.

  • Stick to less risky sex, such as hand jobs.
  • Look for sex partners with the same HIV status.
  • Use withdrawal method and don't ejaculate inside your partner.

Other Myths about Condoms

The dispute about how it feels to have sex with condom vs. without may be endless, but there is information about wearing condoms that needs to be debunked.

Myth 1: You will be safer when wearing two condoms.

That's not the case actually. In fact, your condoms are more likely to break when you wear more than one.

Myth 2: You may break condom easily during the act.

It is true that condom can break, but it's not that easy. If you wear it properly and ensure there's no air bubble, it will work just fine. Be careful of sharp jewelry, nails or teeth. If you cannot roll down your condom, the chances are it's the wrong way round. Get a new one and start again.

Myth 3: You will be better off using extra lube.

In fact, you may end up dissolving your condom if you're using extra lubrication with oil in it. Anything like Vaseline, baby oil and hand cream can create this effect. If you really want to use lubricant, try a water-based one.

Myth 4: You don't have to wear a condom when your girlfriend is on the pill.

The pill may prevent unwanted pregnancy, but you need to protect yourself from STIs. The effectiveness of the pill may also suffer when your girlfriend missed some in the past or has been using antibiotics.

Myth 5: You can avoid a condom when having oral sex.

Wrong. You should still wear condom to protect yourself from infections like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes during oral sex.

Myth 6: You cannot buy condoms until you're 18.

Anyone can buy condoms at any age. You can get them free from community contraception clinics, sexual health clinics and Brook centers.

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