Where Can I Get Tested for STDs?

Practicing a healthy sex life has an abundance of benefits; one of them is to avoid STDs. But if you believe that you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease, then it is important to get tested for STDs. Then you may wonder, "Where can I get tested for STDs?" Read on to find your answer, and get more knowledge to protect yourself from STDs.

Where Can I Get Tested for STDs?—6 Perfect Places to Try

1. Your Doctor's Office

Visit your personal doctor and ask to be tested for a STD. If you hold health insurance then this will most likely be covered (although you should always check your policy).

2. Local Health Department

If you call the local health department and ask, "where can I get tested for and STD?" they will be able to provide you with information on the closest clinic for STD testing in your area (this information can also be found on their website). Tests at the clinic are often free, or at a low cost.

3. Planned Parenthood

Where can I get tested for STDs? Planned parenthood can be one of your choices. If you book an appointment to visit Planned Parenthood then they will be able to test you for STDs, whether you are male or female. The price varies depending upon the person's income; ensure to ask what information you may be required to bring when booking the appointment.

4. HIVtest.org 

This website will provide you with locations of HIV testing sites. These testing sites not only test for HIV, but can also perform general STD testing.

5. Local Gay and Lesbian Health Center

If you live near a GLBT health center, or have the means to travel to one, you can get tested on streamlined STD testing days, which the center offers to people of all sexualities.

6. Online Testing Page

For people who asking "Where can I get tested for STDs?" part of them don't want to visit a clinic or similar testing facility. Then online testing can be a good option, although it is not the most advisable course of action.

There are companies online that offer you the ability to send them samples for testing, or having a test done in a local lab.Click HERE to find FREE sexual health clinics that offer STD tests.

When and Why Should I Get Tested for STDs?

With figuring out the question "where can I get tested for STDs", you will want to know when to get tested for STDs.

After unprotected sex: Many sexually transmitted diseases have no noticeable symptoms, and it is possible for you to have one without even knowing it. This means that you may pass it to your sexual partners, if you practice unprotected sex, or have an issue with contraception.

Why to get tested: The best way to avoid the need of an STD test is to practice safe sex. If you have had unprotected sex then it is important to get tested for STDs. Some STDs can lead to serious health implications and have a long term detrimental effect, so if you have one it is important for it to be detected and treated.

Getting tested for an STD will help you know if you have an infection, and in turn, help you treat that infection. It can also aid to put your mind at ease, even if you are clear of all STDs, it will be worth it to know that fact.

How Will I Get Tested for STDs?

With knowing the answer of "where can I get tested for STDs", you will naturally want to know how you will be tested for STDs. Actually, there are many different types of STDs and many of them have different methods of testing. Some common STDs are detailed below, along with how they are tested and information for you to consider:

STD Tests

How to Test

Things You Should Know


Genital area swab or urine sample

Anal or oral sex can cause those areas to be infected without infecting the genital area or urine, so ensure you tell your healthcare provider if you have performed any of those actions.


Genital area swab or urine sample

As with chlamydia, it is important for you to tell your healthcare provider if you have had anal or oral sex, as standard testing methods will not test for infection in those areas.


Mouth swab or blood sample

This test can be performed anonymously in many clinics.

Hepatitis B

Blood sample

Requires one blood sample to be given, of which 3 tests are carried out on.


Blood sample or a swap from a sore

It is recommended by the CDC that every pregnant woman should be tested for syphilis.


Discharge sample, swab of infected area, physical examination

Trichomoniasis is also known as Trich. It is easier to detect in women than in men.

HPV (genital warts)

Visual prognosis

Warts appear in the genital area, and can affect both males and females.

HPV (cervical cancer)

Pap smear, DNA test, biopsy.

If a pap test result shows abnormalities, then a DNA test or even a biopsyis carried out to test for HPV. This type of HPV can affect both men and women, although there are currently no tests available for men to detect them.

Herpes (no symptoms)

Blood sample

There are two types of test, a type-specific IgG test and IgM test. The former is the most advisable.

Genital herpes (with symptoms)

Swab of infected area, blood sample.

Must be carried out as soon as the time of infection as possible to ensure the validity of the test results.


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