How to Use Ginger for Sore Throat

A sore throat can be really uncomfortable and can hurt like hell. We never notice how much we swallow on daily basis until it starts getting painful. There is no need to suffer this pain, as there are many things you can do to ease the discomfort and one of the most effective ways is by using ginger. 

Why Ginger Helps?

Ginger has a very intense and spicy flavor and you might think that it is not a good idea to swallow something with such a strong taste when your throat is already hurting. Don’t worry, the practice of using ginger for sore throat is a tried and tested one. Ginger is loaded with a lot of helpful substances which can ease the pain very effectively.

  • Not only does it make the throat better it also fights with cold effectively. Since cold is generally the main reason for an aching throat, the benefit is doubled.
  • Another reason why your throat can feel sore is the collection of extra mucus and ginger is an excellent expectorant. It loosens up the thick mucus and helps in clearing it out.
  • The aroma of ginger helps to open up the sinuses which is an additional plus point.
  • Ginger boosts the blood circulation in the respiratory system and the increased blood supply helps to flush away the toxins and speed up the healing process.
  • It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and can also kill microorganisms like virus and bacteria and the best thing is you can get all these benefits of ginger in a nice, warm and comforting cup of tea.

Ways to Use Ginger for Sore Throat

1.      Ginger Water

To make ginger water take fresh ginger, about an inch of it, peel and chop it finely and put in a mug. Pour over some boiling water and let it steep for two to four minutes. After that strain it and add some honey, lemon juice or cayenne pepper for added flavor and extra benefits. You can drink this ginger infused water to soothe the sore throat. For maximum results use fresh ginger only.

2.      Ginger & Honey Tea

You will need:

  • Fresh ginger (a piece of around two inches)
  • One table spoon honey
  • 2-3 cups water


With the help of a sharp knife or peeler, peel the ginger then shred it very finely. You can chop it on a chopping board. Place some wax paper on top of it and then crush it with either the back of the knife or a heavy object. Bring water to a boil over medium heat and then add the crushed ginger. Let it simmer for about three to five minutes. The tea is ready. Add the honey and drink it while it's still hot.

3.      Ginger, Lemon & Honey

You will need:

  • Two pieces of fresh ginger (about the size of your index finger)
  • Two lemons, thoroughly washed
  • Honey
  • A mason jar


Wash the ginger and peel it. Slice it very thinly. Slice lemons as well and put them in the Mason jar in alternate layers. Start filling the jar with raw honey. Pour over the honey slowly till it completely fills the jar. Put it in a cool dry place till it starts to turn into a jelly.

Whenever you have a sore throat, just take 2-3 spoonful of this honey with some slices of lemon and ginger and put in a cup. Pour some boiling water over it and let it steep for a couple of minutes. Drink this delicious tea of lemon, honey and ginger for sore throat and get better quickly.

Other Ways to Relieve a Sore Throat

1.      Make a Mustard Plaster

mustard plaster

Application of a plaster made with various herbs to relieve sore throat and congestion is very effective to provide instant relief.

Directions: Take half teaspoon of mustard seed powder and mix a table spoon of flour in it. Add some water and make a thick paste. Spread it over a piece of wax paper or paper towel. Put it between two layers of clean cotton cloth. Place it on your throat and keep for fifteen minutes. Don't let the paste touch your skin.

2.      Make Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea

Chamomile is a fragrant herb and chamomile tea is extremely soothing. It has long been used to treat cold, cough and sore throat. It has certain substances that can fight the infection and relax the muscles. Drink it at night for better sleep.

Directions: Many brands and types of chamomile tea are available in the market. Select the one made from chamomile flowers or you can opt for a combination tea in which chamomile is the basic ingredient. For a better taste and extra benefit, add a few drops of lemon juice and some organic honey.

3.      Try Garlic Broth

garlic broth

Garlic is as effective as ginger for sore throat. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can boost immunity. Try a garlic broth for quick relief.

Directions: Crush a couple of cloves in a cup and add some boiling water. Add a pinch of salt and enjoy the savory drink. If you don’t mind the strong taste or smell of garlic you can chew a clove of garlic.

4.      Drink Licorice Cinnamon Tea

licorice cinnamon tea

Licorice and cinnamon taste great together. Licorice is known for its properties to sooth a sore throat and licorice candies are a good way to ease the pain and cough. These do not contain much licorice and to really get the benefits of this you can make a licorice tea with dried licorice root.

Directions: Take a tablespoon of dry licorice root and half tablespoon of cinnamon. Pour two cups of water in a pan and add the two herbs. Put it on low heat and let the mixture boil for ten minutes. Strain it and add some honey or lemon for taste.

5.      Lemon and Water

lemon and water

Squeeze half a lemon in a cup of water and sip it. Lemon is full of vitamin C and the acidity of the juice can kill the bacteria. This tangy liquid is a great way to cure a bad throat.

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